We’ve found ourselves back in the thick of the Boot-ies, our end-of-year commemorations, and there’s always a few categories that don’t find themselves within the Boot of the Year or the Colorway of the Year. For that, we have our miscellaneous awards, and some fun selections to help 2016 get the send off that it deserves. While the opinion on 2016 seems to be overwhelmingly negative, there’s no doubt that the boot game is at a point that is unparalleled. It’s time for the odds and ends of the boot world: Boot-ies Miscellaneous.

The Surprise of 2016

The surprise of 2016 absolutely has to be the fact that adidas released an updated Copa. Dubbed the adidas Copa 17.1, it won’t be taking the place of the hallowed boot, but there weren’t a lot of fans that thought this was going to be a move that the three stripes made when 2016 began. The Gloro felt like it was the perfect stop-gap between the Copa and modern leanings, but adidas took a chance and dropped their newest/oldest toy with the Red Limit Pack. Having only spent a short while with the boot, it is very impressive. It may never truly take the place of the Copa Mundial, but it is certainly an addition into the boot world that, now that we have it, we realize how badly we needed (wanted) it. Come on…did you really sit down on January 1st, 2016 and say, “I bet adidas releases an updated Copa Mundial this year”…? Don’t lie…

The Best New Tech of 2016

While the collars are still dropping, the laces are still leaving, and upper updates are occurring at a ridiculous pace, the winner has to be Nike’s Anti-Clog technology. The number of times any player has taken the time to knock their boots against the post or dig the mud and gunk from between their studs would be an insanely high number. If Nike shifts this tech onto Firm Ground boots, then it could become the best tech we’ve seen in multiple years…not just 2016. Still, if you’re the type of player that loves Soft Ground boots and finds yourself on some truly terrible pitches, the Anti-Clog boots aren’t purely hype…it really works. It doesn’t hurt that its attached to Nike’s best and brightest…not a bit.

Most Excited About the Next Version

This has to be a tie (hey, it’s my list…I’ll do what I want). First off, I cannot wait to see what the 2017 version of the adidas PureChaos holds. My favorite adidas boot of 2016, the bar is certainly high for what is set to come after. Perhaps shaving off a few ounces, adjusting the tightness around the edge of the forefoot, and making the lace cover work a bit better…who knows!

The second boot that I can’t wait for an update on is the Mizuno Wave Ignitus. A fan since I jumped on board with the Ignitus II, the V (whenever it appears) will have to continue the tradition of having too much tech on the upper to succeed…and, yet, still succeeding to the max. It really doesn’t matter what they say they’ve done, the Runbird has won me over by having too many fantastic releases placed consistently on the market. They could hand me a brick with their logo and I’d at least give it a try.

There are several boots that I can’t wait to see what they have in store…Nike’s next Tiempo, New Balance’s next Visaro, Concave’s next wave of boots, Umbro’s next Accuro X, Messi’s next boot, the next Puma EvoTouch…so many. 2017 promises to be another banner year in the footy world…and we can’t wait for it to get underway!

Worst Colorway

This is a folly of epic proportions. Standing alone atop the pile, we have the faux Mother’s Day Under Armour “Tutti-Frutti” Speedform that is a boot that, fittingly, only a mother could love. As a brand, Under Armour has been able to execute chrome, camo, and a host of other colorways that show they’ve got the chops to put some tough colors together nicely…but it didn’t work out here. It’s only redeeming quality is the boot its been placed upon (the UA Speedform was painfully underrated) and the fact that the colorway might just be so terrible, that it might actually be brilliant. Show me a player willing to wear these on the pitch, and I’ll show you A) a player that got them for free OR B) a player who is about to endure a ridiculous amount of abuse (no matter how good a player they are).

So ends the miscellaneous Boot-ies! Let us know which boots you would choose to fill these categories and what other awards we should give out next year.

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