What is that? That feeling of emptiness? That my friends is called a lack of football action. After having a football game daily on my telly for about a month, the end of the World Cup has left many craving for more football. But don’t worry, the new season starts soon! And with that comes the hope of maybe winning the title this year (oi, Arsenal fan at the back, be quiet) or at least doing better than last year. So being it’s pre-season, it means the Instep boot spotting is back. We bring the world’s biggest boot spots to you with our weekly boot spotting, check out what caught our eye this week.

John Terry (Chelsea) – Nike Magista Opus

John Terry Chelsea CTR360 Opus edited

John Terry is pretty bullish when it comes to his football boots. He hung on to his Umbro Speciali IVs for as long as he good, before he finally moved on to the Nike Tiempo. However, JT has now made the unexpected switch to the Nike Magista Opus, breaking away from K-Leather boots. The Nike Magista Opus co-incidentally is a perfect match with the new Chelsea away kit, but considering that Kanga-Lite is a pretty close substitute to K-Leather, the Magista Opus is arguably a logical choice for Terry.

Rickie Lambert (Liverpool) – adidas Nitrocharge 1.0

Rickie Lambert Liverpool NC edited

This is a boot switch that happened during the World Cup, but it certainly flew underneath the radar until now. Rickie Lambert had been a fine servant to the CTR360, but the World Cup saw the striker make the switch to the Nitrocharge 1.0, an unorthodox boot choice for a striker. It is perhaps a testament to how versatile the Nitrocharge is, and we must admit that the Nitrocharge is arguably one of the more underrated boots on the market.

Samir Nasri (Manchester City) – Warrior Sports Superheat (Custom)

Samir Nasri Manchester City whiteout Superheat

Warrior Sports always love raising an eyebrow or two, and it looks like they have pulled a rabbit out of the hat once again with what appears to be a big signing for the American sportswear company. Samir Nasri, along with Alvaro Negredo, were spotted rocking a mysterious whiteout boot during Manchester City’s friendly against Hearts. We looked at the boot for a long time, before coming up with the conclusion that both players were wearing a whiteout Warrior Sports Superheat. Considering the company has gone as far as putting a French flag on the side of Nasri’s boots, we think the deal is done and dusted.

Tomas Rosicky (Arsenal) – Puma evoPOWER 1

Tomas Rosicky Arsenal evoPOWER edited

With Puma’s take on the Arsenal kit unveiled a few weeks ago, Puma decided to celebrate with a launch of the unique Arsenal range of boots. Taking a similar train of thought to the ‘Tricks’ Puma boots of the World Cup, the boots feature a different colour for each foot that has a distinct Arsenal feel about it. Limited to Arsenal footballers, Tomas Rosicky was one of the players rocking the cool boots during Arsenal’s pre-season game against Boreham Wood.

Lee Cattermole (Sunderland) – adidas adiPure 11Pro

Lee Catermole Sunerland 11Pro edited

Sure, while everyone is likely to go for the Tribal Pack of adidas boots, we cannot imagine the tough and hardy Lee Cattermole really rocking blue adiPures. Luckily for the *ahem* traditional midfielder, adidas released a black and blue 11Pro alongside the Tribal Pack 11Pro, which has simply seen the placing of the two colours being switched. Perhaps it is simple, but we love the modern pattern of blue that has a slight pop on the back of the heel.

Jordan Rossiter (Liverpool) – Umbro Geometra Pro II

Jordan Rossiter Liverpool Geometra 2 edited

No matter what the boot market throws at it, Umbro just keeps hanging in there. And while they have lost most of their headline athletes, Umbro just keeps pushing out the quality football boots. The latest is the very sharp blackout Geometra Pro II, finished off with orange detailing to give the boot a rather powerful and mysterious appearance. It seems the boots caught the eye of Jordan Rossiter as well, and it is refreshing to see a young player drifting away from the bigger football boot brands to opt for one like Umbro.

Paul Taylor (Ipswich Town) – adidas F50 adiZero TRX Messi

Paul Taylor Ipswich Town Messi F50 edited

While the adidas Battle Pack divided the crowd like no other, Messi’s special F50 adiZero was probably the best looking boot out of a pretty below-par pack of boots. And while they are made for one player in particular, they have certainly caught the eye of Ipswich Town’s Paul Taylor. The boots also match up rather nicely with his Ipswich Town kit, but the Norwich fan in me is thinking that Taylor will need a lot more than the Lionel Messi in him when Norwich take on Ipswich in the first East Anglia derby this season in more than 3 years.

That is it for our boot spotting today, what was your favourite spot this week? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.