Superflys, World Cup boots, kids in the park playing football transforming into Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar with some cheeky CGI work, that was a fun week in the football boot world hey? We are around a month and a half away from the World Cup, but we have a nail biting end to the domestic season, the final stages of the Champions League and some massive boot launches between now and then! But of course, we hit a lull when we realise it is Monday, so what a miracle we have the Instep boot spotting, sourcing only the best boot spots to gear up your Monday morning. Boot switches, custom boots, you guys know what to expect.

Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid) – Nike Mercurial Vapor IX CR

Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid CR Vapor IX edited

Before he wowed the world with the new 2014 Superfly, Cristiano Ronaldo stepped out for Real Madrid in his new signature Mercurial Vapor IX against Bayern Munich. Yes, now that the Superfly has been unveiled, this means the CR Vapor we see before us is the final Vapor IX. Sad yes, but at least we can see that the Vapor IX is going out with quite a bang in the classy White/Black/Gold colourway that has been released just for Ronaldo. It matches up with his Real Madrid home kit rather nicely to say the least too!

Toni Kroos (Bayern Munich) – adidas adiPure 11Pro (Custom)

Toni Kroos Bayern Munich custom 11Pro edited

So now we turn our attentions to Toni Kroos, playing opposite to Cristiano during that blockbuster Champions League fixture on Wednesday night. Toni Kroos has become a cult figure of sorts for continually sticking with his rather outdated adiPure II. It seems Kroos has finally made the move to the new adiPure 11Pro II….except it is not really the 11Pro we see on the shelves. Kroos has seemingly bargained his way into getting the soleplate of his boots customised with what appears to be a soleplate similar to what was found on the adidas Predator X Absolion. Feel like we have seen this before? Yes we have, because it is the very same soleplate used on Robin Van Persie’s custom adiZeros. Adidas must have a bunch of these soleplates lying about somewhere…

Peter Crouch (Stoke) – Nike Tiempo Legend V

Peter Crouch Stoke Nike Tiempo V edited

When your feet are a massive UK size 12, you would probably want your boots custom made to your feet to make sure they are as comfortable as possible. For years, that has been Puma’s job, and Peter Crouch has proudly been parading Puma’s power boots from way back from the original Puma PowerCat. Which is why it is rather strange that it seems Peter Crouch has moved on from Puma, with the lanky striker stepping out in the Nike Tiempo Legend V for Stoke this weekend. We are not sure whether this is a temporary move or not, but the Englishman has been wearing the evoPOWER as early as last week. Gotta love the kit and boot co-ordination going on there too!

Fan Yunlong (Guizhou Renhe) – adidas Predator LZ II (Custom)

Fan Yunlong Guizhou Renhe custom LZ edited

You have always got to love a custom paint job, but with all the wacky and bright colourways adidas have been releasing for the Predator LZ II, you could be forgiven for thinking that Fan Yunlong’s boots fit right in with the rest of the Predator LZ releases! Ultimately, Yunlong went down to miadidas to get his Predators customized in a funky orange and purple colourway. They are a certainly a touch sharp on the eyes, we have to admit we prefer our colour co-ordinated customized boots over Yunlong’s offering…

Obafemi Martins (Seattle Sounders) – Nike Mercurial Vapor IX

Obafemi Martins Seattle Sounders Vapor IX edited

He probably fills the prerequisites to be called a ‘journeyman’ footballer (with clubs like Inter Milan, Newcastle and Birmingham on his résumé), but Obafemi Martins has now found himself in the MLS with Seattle Sounders. Seattle Sounders has Clint Dempsey too, right? Damn, that should be a power-packed forward line. But back to the boots, Obafemi Martins played out his European football days in the adidas F50 adiZero, but it seems Martins has now moved on to the Vapor IX. There is a definite difference between the boots, and it truly is a question of whether you prefer a barefoot feel for the ball or something that offers a better kicking experience.

Carlos Vela (Real Sociedad) – Nike Hypervenom Phantom (Custom)

Carlos Vela Real Sociedad custom HV edited

Ever since Nike announced the ‘reflective’ option could be added to boots on NikeiD, we thought it was pretty damn awesome. I mean, how different do your boots look from everyone else’s if they have a cool little pattern on the heel and all? So perhaps Carlos Vela has the same mindset as us, deciding to go for an all red Hypervenom with the addition of the ‘reflective’ design surrounding the heel if the boot. We hope Nike bring back the ‘reflective’ idea to their boots again in the future, it was such a pity that the gorgeous Reflective Pack played second fiddle to Nike’s other winter boots…

Veronica Boquete (Tyresso FF) – adidas Predator LZ II (Custom)

Veronica Boquete Tyresso FF custom LZ II edited

Tyresso FF booked their place in the Champions League grand final this weekend… the Women’s Champions League that is, where they will face off against Wolfsburg in Porto, two nights before the men’s UCL final. But guys you are going to have to up your game when it comes to boots if Veronica Boquete sets a standard to follow. The Spanish midfielder has rather nicely matched her Predator LZ IIs with her Tyresso FF kit, right down to the colour of the three stripes. What can we say; it is pretty classy!

Xiang Hantian (Guizhou Renhe) – Nike Mercurial Vapor V

Xiang Hantian Guizhou Renhe Vapor V edited

With the 2014 Superfly launch this week, it is so fitting that we have spotted Xiang Hantian wearing boots from a different time where Nike where spruiking their latest piece of technology that made it’s way onto football boots: Flywire. Of course, Xiang is wearing the Vapor which is one tier lower than the Superfly, but we remember being absolutely mesmerized by the concept of Flywire, it is strikingly similar to how Flyknit has captured our imagination. We wonder how it is all going to work out this time around for Nike…

That is it for our boot spotting today, what was your favourite spot this week? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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