Another week, another boot spotting from The Instep! With the bunch of friendlies and pre-season training sessions this week, we have been able to uncover a load of exciting boot spots as stars bring out their boots for the new campaign. With everything from custom boot spots, boot switches and boots that are just different in general, take a look at the spots that made The Instep cut this week.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic (PSG) – Nike HyperVenom Phantom

Zlatan Ibrahimovic PSG HyperVenom edited

He has been flying the flag for the Nike Mercurial range for quite a few seasons now, but this is one surprising boot switch that has certainly flown underneath the radar. Zlatan Ibrahimovic has quietly gone and switched into the new Nike HyperVenom, a boot that Nike are trying to market towards forward-minded players. Considering Rooney, Neymar and Higuain are three of the athletes that have been appearing in advertisements for the HyperVenom, we would not be too surprised if Ibrahimovic starts appearing in the commercials if his switch into the HyperVenom is a permanent one.

Marouane Fellaini (Everton) – Warrior Sports Gambler S-Lite

Maruoane Fellaini Everton Warrior Gambler edited

Singing Everton’s big Belgian was arguably the first sign of intent from Warrior last season when it comes to football boots, and the midfielder had a massive season in the Warrior Sports Skreamer S-Lite. But it looks like Fellaini has been moved to the new Warrior Sports Gambler S-Lite, Warrior’s second entry into the football boot world. While there is a synthetic and kangaroo leather version of the Gambler, the distinctive Safe House construction on the side of the boot is only available for the synthetic version of the boot. However, Warrior have been known to disguise leather models of their boots as synthetic versions, so we could be looking at another con job here.

Nikica Jelavic (Everton) – Warrior Sports Skreamer S-Lite

Nikica Jelavic Everton Warrior Sports Skreamer edited

Jelavic cut a confused figure when it came to his boots last season. Jelavic wore Nike Tiempo Legend IVs for the first half of the season, but he kept switching between the Tiempo and the Warrior Sports Skreamer last season in the second half of the season. But this season, Jelavic has seemingly set himself up for a season in the Warrior Sports Skreamer, and the striker is the first player we have seen in the clean White/Blue/Red colourway. We expected to see Kompany sporting the new colourway as it would match up nicely with his Manchester City home kit, but he is still doing the rounds in the launch colourway of the Skreamer.

Iago Aspas (Liverpool) – Nike CTR360 Maestri III (Custom)

Iago Aspas Liverpool custom CTR edited

Blacking out a pair of boots is as easy as getting out the black permanent marker right? No! We have seen plenty of disasters when it comes to DIY jobs for blacking out football boots, and we are looking at a botched job on Iago Aspas’ part when it came to the partially blacked out CTR360 Maestri III. He has blacked out the toe of his Mint/Black/Lime CTR360, as well as the midfoot and back of the boot to cover the Nike tick. It could be an indication of contractual issues for Aspas, but it certainly does leave the boot looking rather strange.

Antonio Cassano (FC Parma) – Diadora DD-NA GLX 14

Antonio Cassano FC Parma Diadora DD-NA GLX 14 edited

It may not be a boot name that flows off the tongue easily, but Diadora is not a brand that gets a huge amount of publicity on The Instep. The new DD-NA GLX 14 is Diadora’s lightest ever boot, weighing in at a cool 176 grams. The upper of the boot is actually a single layer of synthetic but with three different layers to provide either improved control in wet conditions (that’s the outermost layer), comfort (the innermost layer) or a more cushioned touch (that’s the normal upper). It looks like a lot has gone into the new Diadora DD-NA GLX 14, and with Diadora head honcho Antonio Cassano wearing the boot for the new season, it certainly looks like an interesting boot.

Jacob Butterfield (Norwich City) – adidas F50 adiZero TRX (Custom)

Jacob Butterfield Norwich City F50 adiZero edited

It is a pity sometimes when we see a custom boot that looks so good that we wish it was a general release colourway! Jacob Butterfield has definitely gone for the clean look when it comes to his new customised White/Gold/Red F50 adiZero, and his boots definitely look gorgeous and match up nicely with the Norwich City away kit. The red tongue gives the boot a nice pop of colour, but it is interesting to note Butterfield is wearing the leather version of the adiZero, with the third generation adiZero being the first adiZero that comes with a leather alternative on miadidas.

Asmir Begovic (Stoke City) – Nike HyperVenom Phantom

Asmir Begovic Stoke Hypervenom edited

The T90 Laser IV was a popular choice amongst goalkeepers, but the discontinuation of the T90 range has left a few goalkeepers a dilemma. The T90 was such a tough, hardy and versatile football boot, how many keepers (and defenders and midfielders for that matter) would we see making the move to the lighter HyperVenom? Asmir Begovic is the first keeper we have seen in the HyperVenom, and we wonder how many more goalkeepers will make the big step from the T90 to the HyperVenom.

Yannick Bolasie (Crystal Palace) – Nike GS

Yannick Bolasie Crystal Palace Nike GS edited

James McClean was the resident EPL boot nerd (don’t worry, everyone at The Instep is one too!) last season, but Yannick Bolasie from newly promoted Crystal Palace might have an eye on the crown. We saw Bolasie wearing one or two different boots last season, from both editions of the GS to the ultra-rare Nike Mercurial Vapor III, and Bolasie has brought the first edition of the GS for one more spin. Being a Nike GS owner myself, it is only a boot that I wear on special occasions, so do not expect Bolasie to be wearing the boots every week once the Premier League starts!

That is it for our boot spotting today, what was your favourite spot this week? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.