International breaks, ho hum, it is not quite the same is it? But I guess the international break has given us a chance to catch our breath with the (so far) fast paced Premier League season. But regardless, while the players take it easy this weekend, we certainly can’t say the same thing ourselves. As usual, we have scoured the world to bring you the best boot spots the planet has to offer. From boot switches to boots that we do not see too often, check out what caught our eye in the only weekly round up of boot spots you will need to see!

Tim Cahill (Australia) – New Balance Visaro (Custom)

Tim Cahill Australia NB Furon edited

New Balance are a few months in to their new life in the football boot market, and while their Visaro boot is kicking goals, the same cannot be said about the Furon. Player uptake for the Furon has been non-existent, with every NB contracted player instead going for the Visaro. We explored NB’s problems last week, but this could be another sign of ominous times, with Tim Cahill wearing a New Balance Visaro disguised as a New Balance Furon. The dimpling throughout the boot is the prime indicator of Cahill’s boots being the Visaro and not the Furon.

Souey Visal (Cambodia) – Nike Magista Opus

Souey Visal Cambodia Magista Opus edited

We have quite a few eyebrow raising boot spots this week, and Souey Visal in the Nike Magista Opus is certainly the first of a number of surprising boot spots. Visal has given us a sneak peek at the next Nike Magista colourway, expected to be launched as a part of Nike’s Autumn collection. How did the Cambodian get his hands on the boot before everyone else? Nobody quite knows, although players in Asia and the Middle East somehow get priority access for colourways before everyone else sometimes. The Autumn release Nike boots all feature a spotted, paint splatter-like effect on the heel, albeit in different colours, and will be launched in the next few weeks.

Tom Barkhuizen (Morcambe) – adidas F50 adiZero TRX Womens

Tom Barkhuizen Morecambe womens F50 edited

I always say that girls do get it pretty good when it comes to boot colourways. While boys seem to have a lot of garish, over the top colours, womens colourways are sometimes much more mellow and appealing to the eye. Example 1, the blue F50 adiZero released last season. The simple touch of blue and white looks brilliant on the F50, and Tom Barkhuizen must have thought the same, plus he is lucky enough to have feet that fit into womens boots…

Scott Tunbridge (MetroStars) – Pele Sports 1970

Scott Tunbridge MetroStars Pele Sports 1970 edited

Do you guys remember Pele Sports? They released a few nice leather boots and then the incredibly futuristic Pele Sports Trinity 3E (with it’s strange stud configuration)? Yeah, things did not work out too well for those guys…but there are still a few players here and there who have been seen in their boots. Scott Tunbridge is one of those players, who is wearing the Pele Sports 1970, which features a no-nonsense K-Leather upper to make them (what we think) a pretty comfortable pair of boots.

Hasan Ameli (Bangladesh) – adidas F50 adiZero TRX

Hasan Ameli Bangladesh hunt F50 edited

Ah the adidas Hunt Pack, they were a cool set of boots when they were launched. Although I cannot help but think that boot was popular for all of a week and then they were forgotten as quickly as they arrived. While we saw a few pros in the Hunt Pack boots, there are not too many like Hasan Ameli who is still wearing the boots. Ameli had a night to forget with Bangladesh last week, as his side were thrashed 5-0 by Australia in Perth.

Luis Figo (Real Madrid Legends) – Nike Magista Opus (Custom)

Luis Figo Real Madrid Legends Magista Opus Custom edited

So some old fellas had a kick about last week, and they gave us some mighty fine boot spots while they were at it. Some of the golden oldies of day past, including Luis Figo, Henry and Makele, pulled on the boots in the name of charity. One of the more interesting boot spots was that of Figo himself. While he has always been known to be a Nike man, it seems he still has a bit of power with them. The Portuguese star has been able to arrange a special custom pair of Nike Magista Opus boots, which feature the Nike Interact soleplate on the bottom. Players like Iniesta and Mascherano have been known to favour the soleplate which have not been released on a pair of boots since the very old Nike T90 models.

Lee Cascairo (Gibraltar) – adidas Predator Instinct Accelerator

Lee Cascairo Gibraltor Predator Instinct Accelerator edited

Gibraltar may be a tiny, tiny football team, but they have given us a peach of a boot spot this week. Arguably one of the most exciting releases last year was the throwback to some of the great adidas Predator releases of days past brought into 2014 with a fresh update. The Predator Instinct Accelerator was an instant fan favourite, and it seems Lee Cascairo is one of the fortunate few who got their hands on the popular boot. I would not wear the boots too often if I had a pair myself, but I would bring it out every few weeks just to show them off. Come on, you know you would do the same!

Edgar Davids (Laureus All Stars) – adidas Messi 15.1

Edgar Davids Laureus All Stars Messi 151 edited

Geez, Edgar Davids is meant to be a retired footballer who can start enjoying the finer things in life, but the guy is still ripped! It is like he is still playing! He is definitely going alright for a 42 year old, and he made a appearance in the same charity football game as Luis Figo, representing Laureus All Stars. His choice of boots is rather interesting too, not just in terms of him wearing adidas (when he was a Nike man) but also to pick the Messi 15.1. It could be David’s sly way of him supporting Messi in the never ending Messi vs Ronaldo debate, but it is certainly a choice of boot from left field for the Dutch legend.

That is it for our boot spotting today, what was your favourite spot this week? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.