That Ronaldo guy scored again, Real Madrid won again, the weekend went by too fast again, and it’s time to head down the boot spotting (again)! As we try and avoid the thought that most of the high quality footy competitions are now on hold for the next two months, we can make it through with some fantastic spots, the FIFA18 commercial dropping today, and the simple knowledge that Friday is only a few days away. We hope that your summer has started off with a bang, and let’s take a gander at some serious footwear fireworks…YEE-HAW!

Adidas Nemeziz 17+

Willian Arão (Flamengo)

The adidas Dust Storm pack hit the airwaves with force this week. A massive amount of focus has definitely been placed on the new adidas Nemeziz, and it seems that the early whispers about the 17+ and the 17.1 are very positive. With Messi’s season over and Firmino (face of the 17+) also enjoying his summer vacation, it’s interesting to see the Nemeziz quickly popping up on other pitches across the world. We are expecting to get some serious hands on time with both versions in the next few days, so keep an eye out for what the Nemeziz shows when put under some intense testing.

Nike Mercurial SuperFly V CR7 & Nike HyperVenom Phantom III

Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid) & Mario Mandzukic (Juventus)

The biggest fixture of the last week had to be the Champions League Final in Cardiff. While adidas won the night with Juventus and Real sporting adidas kits and the Champions League match ball, Nike saw their new pack get a proper start. Ronaldo might have already sewn up a Ballon D’Or that many would have wanted to see land with Buffon…and all while Ronaldo was sporting a boot that has seen some serious trophy acquisition. Mandzukic’s HyperVenoms look incredible and helps a boot that has already become a fast winner with everyone here at The Instep. The 2018 World Cup is always the biggest battleground for adidas and Nike to do battle, but the warning shots have definitely already been fired.

Adidas ACE 17.1 PrimeKnit

Lucas Barrios (Gremio)

Although I’m a big fan of the entirety of the Dust Storm pack, it’s quite tough to find any real connection between the color schemes on the boots. The Nemeziz looks like it’s based on old prison uniforms, the X 17 looks like somebody poked holes in grey paper, and the ACE doesn’t seem to go with either of the other two. Still, Barrios is rocking these ACE boots like a champ, and you can also see a pair of the X 17.1’s in the background. Nike’s new boots only really featured in the Champions League final, but the Dust Storm boots already seem to be spread strongly across every major pitch. Score one for the three stripes!

Nike Mercurial Vapor XI

Alex Sandro (Juventus) & Luka Modric (Real Madrid)

The biggest fixture of the week deserves more than one spotting, especially as the Vapor XI conspired to throw four boots into one small picture. Modric has to be seen as the most underrated cog in the Madrid machine, and it’s amazing that he’s still a player that is easily seen as underappreciated and undervalued. Modric doesn’t seem like the type of player Nike would want to push at the forefront of the Vapor, but it showcases the versatility of the Nike boot. Perhaps the Vapor matches perfectly with Modric because they both find a way to somehow fly under the radar, despite always being at the top of their game…just a thought…

Adidas X 17.1

Marlon Hairston (Colorado Rapids)

The MLS is certain to be rife with the new Dust Storm pack by the middle of June, but it looks like Colorado’s Hairston went ahead and got started. The X, despite having the nice blue/green X/Adidas logos on the sides of the boots, feels fairly plain for the identity that the X pursues. Perhaps we’ll see some wilder colorways in the future, but this mesh-looking (there aren’t actually any holes in the upper) grey feels fairly dull. What are your thoughts on what adidas has given us for the first round of the new iteration of chaos? Too plain? A perfect colorway to appeal to a larger audience? Let us know!

Puma evoTouch Pro

Andrew Durante (New Zealand)

The Puma evoTouch Pro is a perfect example of how Puma has a fairly simple claim to the best stable in soccer footwear. However, there are whispers on the wind that this boot might not be too much longer for this world. Still, from the launch colorway that Durante is displaying to the bright orange recent release, it’s a boot that has been easy to suggest to somebody looking for a quality leather boot and a new experience. The biggest issue with the evoTouch is the simple idea that we just haven’t seen the boot get enough quality time on major pitches and on the feet of major players.

Adidas Gloro (Miadidas)

Yosuke Kashiwagi (Urawa Red Diamonds)

It’s a true shame that brands don’t let professional athletes have more access to their customization programs. Sure, it would take a slight bit of publicity away from the colorways that they are pushing, but it would be a blast to see Ronaldo, Messi, or countless others get a one-off that they whipped up on their own from time to time. Kashiwagi’s Gloro is an odd combo of colors that, at least for us, works…but it’s definitely a colorway that might not work for everyone. Are you a fan, or is this a no-go for the Gloro?

Adidas 11Pro Samba

Marlene Mueller (Potsdam)

The Samba pack from adidas was a weird animal. It felt like it would have been the perfect option for adidas to introduce during the World Cup in Brazil…instead, adidas launched the pack of brightly colored boots in the winter and went with the Battle Pack for the World Cup. The LZ II, and F50 were still around, the NitroCharge was still in its first go round, and the adipure was undergoing the second round of the 11Pro. This purple colorway was extremely gaudy, but the memory foam padding and top quality leather offered a smooth ride for anybody lucky enough to enjoy this version of the adiPure. Well done Marlene, well done.

We hope that you enjoyed the spotting and that it helps you through the Monday blues! We hope that you also enjoy them once you start to seem all the same spots crop up on other sites later in the day. Hey, imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, so we’ve got no complaints. For all of you enjoying our spotting, let us know which spots were a hit, what was a miss, and is there anything we could add to make sure that your Monday goes down smooth. Until next week sports fans!


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