CARVE THE TURKEY! SLICE THE HAM! LISTEN TO THE ODD NOISE THE CRANBERRY SAUCE MAKES AS IT PLOPS OUT OF THE CAN! It’s time to start loosening the belts and getting a game plan on how to avoid talking to certain relatives as we head into Thanksgiving week. Luckily, we were spared another week of international break and finally got some great footy at the weekend. The spots were flying in hot and heavy and we hope that we have given you a proper mix to let your week get off to a flying start. Sit down, strap in, find a good recipe for pumpkin pie, and dig in!

adidas Glitch 17

Weston Mckennie (USMNT)

Gee, I sure am glad that we have a USMNT player wearing the Glitch so that all the fans here in the States can get their very own Glitch….wait… Mckennie has many continuing to question why the USMNT fixture against Portugal was the first time that we were seeing many of the players on the pitch for the U.S. It’s a very conflicting feeling to be dealing with the disappointment of next summer mixed with hope for the future of the squad. The next several months for the USMNT will be a very intriguing affair, and one that will set the tone for the fate of the USMNT’s future.

Nike Mercurial Vapor XI

Eden Hazard (Chelsea)

While I take issue with how adidas is handling the Glitch, it appears Nike has also thrown a head-scratcher down the pipe as well. Despite just showing that they will be releasing a FlyKnit Ultra to match with the Fire/Ice packs, Eden Hazard has shifted into the Vapor XI instead of sticking with the (vastly superior) FlyKnit Ultra. Although the Vapor XI is super impressive, it pales in comparison to the Ultra. Considering that the world is starting to think that the Ultra might represent the style we get to see on the Vapor XII, it gets a bit more convoluted. I know I wouldn’t be excited about the switch, but Hazard’s performance at the weekend shows that he scores no matter what he’s wearing.

Puma FUTURE Netfit 17.1

Antoine Griezmann (Atletico Madrid)

I apologize for not finding a crystal clear image for Puma’s new toy, but there wasn’t a lot of action in the Madrid Derby…and Griezmann is really struggling to find the net. That all adds up to very few close-ups of Puma’s newest boot, but that doesn’t diminish how curious we are about the boot. Allowing millions of lacing set-ups and shifting back to the lightweight world that Puma is so adept at, the FUTURE looks to be one of Puma’s prime assets heading into Russia 2018. While several tears may still be shed over the departure of the beloved evoPower, we are anxious to see what the FUTURE holds (see what we did there?).

adidas ACE 17+ PureControl

Paul Pogba (Manchester United)

Even with their neighbors sitting high atop the table, it would be tough to argue that Manchester United wasn’t the happiest club in the world as the weekend came to a close. A big win and a return of two of their most important pieces means that United will be looking to push for every piece of silverware that they can get their hands on. Pogba quickly began showing why so many around the world believe that he is one of the best in the game today, and adidas will definitely look for the Frenchman to be a massive part of their future plans. However, it is interesting that, despite a custom Pogba release during the player’s injury, the midfielder returned wearing the current standard ACE colorway…interesting…

Nike Mercurial Superfly V

Alexis Sanchez (Arsenal)

In a result that few would have predicted, Arsenal also found themselves celebrating a successful weekend. While many are quick to be shouting about turning a corner and Arsenal reclaiming London, it might take a few more positive results (especially in big games) to convince the rest of us. Fans still need to remember that there are serious doubts that Sanchez and Ozil will remain on the payroll after January or when the summer arrives. Nike will also be having some doubts about why the star man for Arsenal is wearing an old colorway of his boots with the FIRE version of the SuperFly would have been incredible with the Arsenal home kit. Perhaps we will see the Chilean sneak into the newest colorway soon…but I’m sure Arsenal fans won’t care.

adidas Copa 17.1

Vincent Kompany (Manchester City)

It wasn’t too long ago that Kompany was complaining about the adidas boots on the market, but it seems that the three stripes reminded the Belgian about their revamped Copa. A boot that does have classic sensibilities combined with plenty of modern tech, the Copa 17.1 is a great choice for a player like Kompany. It will be interesting to see if adidas do much to the boot for their 2018 updates, and perhaps worth watching to see if Kompany is willing to make the move after being extremely reticent to make a change in the first place. We’ve got a few pairs for ourselves, and you’re missing out if you haven’t given them a chance…there’s still time!

Nike Tiempo VII

Dejan Lovren (Liverpool)

You know that feeling when there is a player on the team that should be exiled to the tundra of the U-21 squad, but your extreme lack of depth means that they are still starting? Yeah, that’s life at Liverpool right now. Despite keeping a clean sheet and taking home all three points, to see Lovren still suiting up for Liverpool just shows how far this club still is from doing anything other than fighting for fourth. Shifting gears, we do love how all of the FIRE boots from Nike work with the Liverpool home kit. Coutinho, Henderson, and a few others made sure that other brands can see the benefit of occasionally dropping the flashy, garish colors and going with some good ol’ RGB dominated colorways.

Nike Tiempo Legend VI

Quinn Nordin (Michigan)

First, staying in the Legend VI when the VII is available is a mistake…let’s get that out there right away. However, the number of things that are on this boot makes it a really incredible custom Tiempo. First, having the Jordan Jumpman more predominant on the boot than the Swoosh is an interesting choice. Then, the Michigan “M” on the tongue really showcases Quinn’s allegiance. The last thing I really like is the two-tone soleplate, and how it brings it all together for a really good looking boot. Remember when adidas use to let you customize miAdidas stuff with college affiliation? Wonder how popular it would be if other brands did the same…

That does it for this week’s spotting! Make sure to sneak in some footy this week to counter all the absurd amounts of food that we will be taking in this Thursday. If you are thinking about braving the ridiculous crowds this Friday, consider just hopping online and finding your next boots without having to elbow some old woman in the face. No matter how your week ends, we hope that you enjoyed the spotting! Let us know which spots you liked, which spots you hated, and whether Tottenham or Arsenal is more likely to finish in the top four at the end of the season.