How cool would it be to be on the books of a Nike or an adidas? You get paid to rock boots custom fit to your feet, appear in videos that perhaps overstate your football abilities and you get a sneak peek at the boots us mere mortals do not get our hands on for months. It certainly is not a bad life, especially when it comes to testing out unreleased boots. While it is all meant to occur under complete secrecy, one Chelsea young gun has rather indadvertedly leaked what could be one of the biggest boot releases between now and Christmas: a re-release of the Nike GS.

The Green Speed concept captured the imagination of the football boot world two years ago, with Nike crafting a 160 gram football boot from recycled materials. The point of the Nike GS is not about creating the world’s best boot, but rather creating a boot that can stand up to the rigours of the modern game whilst being made in an environmentally friendly way. The 2,012 pairs of the original Nike GS sold out within hours worldwide (with yours truly owning pair number 1,494), which saw a follow-up general release model quickly put out onto the market by Nike.

Nike GS

So it has been a few years since Nike laid the GS to rest, but Chelsea’s Charly Musonda has given us a very strong indication that Nike are in the middle of releasing the third generation Nike GS. The Chelsea youngster posted a photo of the boot on his Instagram page, and he ran the caption “Always try never regret. [All set, all conditions control] – with @nike and @nikefootball thanks for Greenspeed 3”.

Charly Musonda Chelsea GS III edited

It does not appear too much has changed with Charly’s new Nike GS. The very core of the boot is there, from the Kanga-Lite vamp (which is now blue) to the recycled polyester midfoot and the Pebax outsole. The boot also seems to come with ACC technology, judging by the wording from the caption of the photo. Essentially, it seems as if Nike has taken the second generation GS and given it a 2014 makeover, with the ACC logo replaced by a bold ‘NIKE’ and the Nike tick moved further towards the back of the boot.

However, there is a bit of debate at the Instep HQ regarding the legitimacy of the boots. The timing of the boot is rather peculiar, Nike have a pretty full schedule of big name releases between now and Christmas, and they would not be able to release the GS anytime soon without overshadowing any other releases. Throw in the fact that Nike have put the GS to rest for 2 years and have not shown any signs of resurrecting the boot until we saw Musonda’s Instagram post and it is pretty clear that this has all come from left field.

Charly Musonda Chelsea GS III headline photo

In saying that, it does seem that Charly Musonda is a Nike sponsored athlete, considering the other posts that are on his Instagram profile. The wording in his caption is also consistent with that of a Nike commercial; we can almost imagine ‘All Set, All Conditions Control’ adorning the advertising promotions of the boot. Nike have also seen how much of a stir the limited edition adidas Predator remakes have created, and while we may be suffering from a little bit of limited edition release overload, perhaps Nike want to cash in on the curiosity that always surrounds a limited edition boot. And what better way to do that then to re-release one of the biggest limited edition boots of the past few years…

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