Concave Halo, Aura, and Volt

The footy world had a certain feel right around the time of the adidas revolution. It felt as if the combo of Puma/Adidas/Nike were close to leaving smaller companies behind and those smaller companies struggling to compete in an ever-varying market. However, the world of 2017 shows companies outside the top three making some impressive releases and smaller brands throwing caution to the wind as they throw out incredible boots. The latest brand to join the fray is Concave. Looking to make a serious dent in 2017, the brand has revamped their entire line-up and is looking to continue moving forward.

A brand that has made massive strides in shirking the awkward tag that the world seemed to give their early boots. A bulky shooting element on boots that seemed too worried about housing the element than merely being great boots WITH a shooting element. Fast forward to 2016 and Concave took massive strides with the Halo+ and Volt+. The Halo+ was one of the best control boots on the market with a quality synthetic, and the Volt+ was an incredible first effort into the speed boot category (all while housing the brand’s new shooting element).

Concave Halo cleats

2017 sees Concave bringing updates to the entire line, starting with the Halo+. The entire boot is now built with control elements covering the bulk of the boot, a pass pad on the instep, and the shooting element sitting atop the lacing system. All of this is built into a quality Concave synthetic, or you can snag the boot in a high quality leather option if you want all that control without taking a risk on the synthetic. A new Halo+ for a new year, and we’re anxious to get under the hood and see what’s on offer.

Concave Aura soccer cleats

Concave Aura cleats on field

Concave is also dropping their Quantum+ for the new Aura+. The concept is similar between the recently deceased and recently created silo: put the shooting element on top of a no-nonsense leather boot. Concave is no stranger to using high quality leather, and this boot utilizes well placed stitching to ensure comfort and a quick break-in. If you’re wanting a little extra pep with your shot while still getting the feel of a heritage leather boot, the Aura+ is for you.

Concave Volt cleats

A boot getting some EPL action and quickly gaining a following is the Concave Volt+. Not named after everybody’s favorite Nike color, the Volt+ is a great speed offering that might be one of the most underrated boots in recent memory. A synthetic that belies how many iterations of this boot have existed (1) considering its comfort, and allowing the boot to be light while still offering the power that Concave prides itself on. Keep an eye out for this boot between the sticks for Sunderland and creeping up in other places across the globe.

The best thing for the boot world is increased competition as it will push every brand to push harder. Concave is looking to become one of the biggest benefactors of this current era of boots by offering a great option to anyone searching the non-Nike/adidas/Puma waters. The awkward phase is over…it’s time to jump on board this bandwagon before everyone realizes that the ugly duckling is now a swan.


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