With a beginning to 2017 for Concave that feels like the brand is really pushing to steal a larger share of the market, it should come as no surprise that the brand is releasing another set of colors this early into the year. Perhaps a bit surprising is how impressive both sets of colorways happened to be. Concave started the year in black and white, but they’ve now headed for another quality grouping that is sure to please boot fans everywhere. Dressing their boots in white and blue, Concave looks set to continue their assault on 2017 in style.

Concave’s issues years ago were simple. Despite an innovative idea, the boots were bulky and the shooting element scared away most everyone that took a good look at the boots. Now, the brand has scaled back their shooting element so that it flows with the designs of their boots. Factor in that those designs are serious winners, and you’ve got a package that could sway boot lovers away from the safe waters of their preferred brand.

The first boot that we’re going to take a look at is the Aura+. The heritage styled boot from this collection, the Aura boasts a leather upper that’s meant to give you the power derived from the Concave element atop the laces, and the comfort that only a leather boot can provide. A predominantly white upper, the blue accents and soleplate really help this boot pop. If it looks this good on your screen, believe us when we say that it looks even better on your feet.

The next boot has to be the Concave Volt+, and it, to us, is the biggest statement that Concave is definitely on the road to success. Still incorporating the Concave shooting element to give your shots that extra zip, the Volt+ is a legitimate speed boot. Lightweight tendencies, a quality synthetic, and a showtime soleplate blend together to make this boot one of our favorite lightweight options on the market. We hate having to trade away all the other aspects of a boot in order to shave off a few ounces, so we love the blend Concave has found here.

The last boot on Concave’s roster is the control silo Halo+. The longest running silo from Concave, this boot packs a ton of tech into one stunning package. A control pad on the instep, pods on the forefoot to help with ball control, and the ever-present Concave shooting element to make sure that the boot packs a serious punch. All of this on either a quality leather or well-crafted synthetic to give you a boot that seems to include the kitchen sink, but avoids the death knell of control boots by being overly bulky and heavy. We liked the previous generation, and our time with the update has us thinking that Concave has really found their stride with the Halo+.

It’s been very interesting to sit on the sidelines and watch as Concave develops from a brand that we were quick to label as “weird,” into a brand that we feel is on the cusp of really competing with the big boys. There isn’t a boot under the Concave umbrella that we wouldn’t feel safe suggesting to you as your next boot purchase, and there isn’t a boot Concave makes that we haven’t been excited to get into testing. Perhaps the new blue collection is the perfect time for you to wade into the waters of Concave…just dive on in.


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