In a year where we saw so many players make surprising boot switches (Torres into the Predator LZ, Schweinsteiger into the adiZero etc.), there were one or two players here and there who made the headlines for the opposite reason. David Silva strangely stuck by with the second generation F50 adiZero for the whole of last season, and it seems we have finally found out why the Spaniard kept the outdated adiZero for so long, he may have just been waiting for the recently released Nitrocharge 1.0.

David Silva Nitrocharge switch edited

Spain taking on Tahiti yesterday answered the question of what it would look like if a Sunday amateur/semi-pro football side took on a second string Spanish side as a low-strength Spanish side demolished Tahiti (but to be fair to the island nation, at least they did not try and park the bus). While Torres scoring four will take the headlines in the football world, the eagle eyed amongst us would have noticed a rather surprising boot switch in the form of midfielder David Silva bringing out the brand new Blue Beauty/Running White/Electricity adidas Nitrocharge 1.0.

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The switch is even more surprising when you consider that Silva has arguably being the most stubborn top-line footballer this season when it comes to his boots. The Spaniard has stayed with the leather version of the second generation F50 adiZero, despite the new generation adiZero using leather more extensively through the boot compared to the toe of leather found on the 2nd gen F50 adiZero. Silva started the season in the White/Lime/Onix colourway before switching into the Silver/Infared/Black colourway in late February.

adidas Nitrocharge 1.0 TRX FG Soccer Cleats - Blue Beauty

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While we are not 100% sure as to whether Silva has a solid contract with adidas or not, Silva’s reluctance to switch into the new adiZero does perhaps suggest that everything is not quite as it seems when it comes to his contract with adidas. Adidas would not want Silva to be wearing boots they do not sell anymore, but the fact that adidas stuck by Robin Van Persie for the whole season despite (bar one or two flirts with the F50 adiZero) the Dutchman wearing the outdated Predator adiPower. Adidas could have given the new Nitrocharge 1.0 to Silva, but it is interesting that an attacking midfielder has been seen wearing a boot that adidas want to market towards defensive midfielders.

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Our hunch is that Silva will be wearing these boots come the start of the 2013/14 season, and we do not expect him to be the only footballer to be wearing the Nitrocharge 1.0 in time for the new season. We anticipate that the Nitrocharge 1.0 is going to be to adidas what the CTR360 Maestri range is to Nike. Professionals in every position on the pitch wear the CTR360 Maestri, and you could quite easily make a nice team based on players who just wear CTR360 Maestris. We think think the same thing will happen to the Nitrocharge because of the appealing nature of the boot, and it will be interesting to see whether adidas are just going to sit by and let players wear the Nitrocharge 1.0 despite their position or whether they will strictly co-ordinate who wears the boots based on the ‘engine’ message they have been preaching so far.

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You can grab your pair of the adidas Nitrocharge 1.0s just like David Silva in either the bright Blue Beauty/Running White/Energy colourway or the very sharp Black/Running White/Electricity colourway over on SoccerPro for just $180 (not including shipping). What do you think about Silva’s switch into the adidas Nitrocharge 1.0? Share your thoughts into the comments section below.