Pirlo with Nike Tiempo Legend VI

Although the boot won’t be released until December and pictures have only been (legally) floating around for a week, we already have a few thoughts on the newest release from Nike. The Nike Tiempo VI has been highly anticipated (the Tiempo series is notorious for waiting a bit longer to be updated), so the boot will be under a heavy amount of scrutiny. The battle to figure out the perfect blend of modern sensibilities with classic, heritage styling is always a fine line. Can the Tiempo VI be a success?

First, this boot looks a LOT like the old CTR360 III. Considering it was one of our favorite boots that we’ve ever had pass through HQ here at The Instep, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing…but, it does have us thinking: is the Tiempo VI just a CTR III made of leather? We don’t care. On one hand, it could be seen as a negative by Nike not really taking an extremely progressive step. On the other, the CTR III was well received, successful, and a leather version would be welcomed with boot enthusiasts the world over. Just keep an eye out for future colorways and make your decision on if this is just a remix for Nike, or truly a new boot.

Second, this new build might lend itself to Nike putting their favorite toy on the only silo to avoid the “collar-treatment” up to this point. While the boot world would be enraged, there is no doubt that the masses would be intrigued and a host of players would flock to try a collared Tiempo. Still, if Nike really just wanted to test the waters, they could always just release a limited version with the collar to see how the boot did in reviews and how quickly the product sold…we’d definitely want one. Like we said, finding the line between modern and classic is always difficult, but a collar would shove the Tiempo rather far away from its heritage roots (and would be dangerously similar to the collared Tech Craft boots that already exist).

Nike Tiempo Legend VI soleplate

In the same vein, we do wonder where the newest Tiempo fits in with the rest of the Nike roster. The Tiempo V sat in stark contrast to everything else that Nike offered, even with Tech Craft available. However, the Tiempo VI really has a build dangerously close to just being a leather Vapor X. With the one piece construction and the lack of tongue, it is really only the structure that has been vacuum-sealed that gives the boot a different look. We look forward to seeing how different the two feel once we get the boots in hand, but we definitely hope that there is enough of a difference to not think that the VI is just a leather Vapor.

We cannot wait to give the Tiempo VI some time on the pitch and put the boot through its paces, and we cannot wait to get the answer to all our questions. Nike never skimps on a new release and the Tiempo series never disappoints. Will you be picking up the newest item from the Swoosh? Or, is the Tiempo VI already a swing and a miss for what you want?


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