Puma evopower comparison

In the first part of our evoPOWER comparison, we found both boots to be fairly even before we put them into the true test. While some will inevitably question what merit comparing the non-game use aspects of two boots brings, we compare everything because you will be spending your hard earned money on these boots…so we want to compare every single aspect between the two boots. SO, in this part, we will look at what happened with both boots once we got them out on the pitch and we will pass final judgement on our favorite version of the evoPOWER.

Second Round- Sizing/Break-in

Leather evoPower

For sizing, both boots are a half-size small. Where a normal size 10 typically works, I was absolutely required to have a 10.5 in order to even complete the review for both boots. Still, even ordering a half-size up, the leather version was very tight on my feet out of the box. It was easy to tell that the break-in for the leather would be a bit tougher than the synthetic version. Immediate fit gives the nod to the synthetic version, but make sure to order the evoPOWER a half-size up when you snag a pair for yourself.

In terms of break-in, the synthetic version felt broken-in on day one. Still, after weeks of testing, the synthetic feels just as fantastic today as it did the first time we slipped it on. For the leather version, the boot took a few run-outs to break-in and achieve that premium leather fit. Now, a few weeks of testing later, the fit is great as the leather has truly formed to your foot as any quality leather boot will do after a few weeks. While the comfort of the leather is good, the overall comfort and break-in favors the synthetic version.

Last Round- Touch/Traction/Pricing

Puma evoPOWER outsole


Although a definite pattern will start to emerge as we wrap up this comparison, the touch on both boots is impressive. The AccuFoam does not take anything away from touch on the ball with either boot, with the synthetic offering a very close touch and the leather version offering a touch almost identical to what Puma offers from the King: a quality touch with that slight leather padding. Striking the ball, passing the ball, and receiving the ball feels amazing with the synthetic as the thin nature of the material and all the added technology works together very well. Doing all of the same actions with the leather version feels good, but not good enough to erase the lingering memory of how much we enjoy the synthetic.

In most of our comparisons, we are comparing two completely different boots (sometimes from completely different brands)…sadly, here, the traction is absolutely identical. So…yeah…

With the pricing of these boots, the synthetic version can be found for around 179.99 USD for new models and there are a few of the older models starting to be found for discount prices. The leather version, however, has a bit of a higher price-tag with the boot sitting at 199.99. While it would be tough to give a $20 price difference a big nod in any comparison, the genuine fact that we already lean a bit to the synthetic version only helps our cause.


Group of evoPowers

While both boots are great options and have easily helped us move on past the memory of the PWR-Cat line, there is only one true winner here. The synthetic evoPOWER has quickly placed itself near the top of our boot list as the boot that we love to use in actual games. If you have not given the evoPOWER a proper chance yet, then you are making a mistake. WHEN you finally realize it is time to correct that mistake, go snag yourself a pair.


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