White Leather F50sAfter deciding that the most recent F50 adiZero is the best F50 to date in our review, it was a simple decision to begin testing the leather version of the adiZero.  Where most users of the F50 and most professional player uptake will be involved with the synthetic version, there is a reason that Messi will only wear a leather upper and leather speed boots always provide a special experience.  Will the newest leather F50 stand taller than past versions and show continued improvement like the synthetic?

The first thing with the leather F50 would be sizing and I would definitely suggest that you go true to size.  The leather in the area around the toe-box will have some stretch and the faux-leather synthetic on the back half of the boot is very pliable and will actually accommodate most foot types.  Going up a size will probably end up with an awkward fit as the stretch involved in the boot would end up having too much room in the front half of the boot.

Leather F50 adiZeros

The leather on these boots is amazingly supple straight out of the box and I was immediately impressed with the comfort and touch of these boots.  The synthetic leather on the back half of the boot is coupled with a suede-like liner that goes across the entire back half of the boot and feels great before/during/and after break-in.  There is some slight oddities in the lining on the back of the tongue as it seems to have been secured loosely and can make the lining bunch up a little bit.  Luckily, I have not had any issues with this when the boots are on my feet, but it was a concern from first having the boots in my hands.

Leather F50 White adiZeros

The new soleplate is a nice change, and you can read more about it on the synthetic F50 review if you are more interested.  The boot quickly starts to expand and mold to your foot, and be aware that you will have to re-tighten the laces during this process as the boot will attempt to become loose-fitting in certain places if the laces are not tight.  So far, the leather F50 provides a light boot without the typical pain and extended break-in that I associate with a speed boot.

Keep an eye out for the full review within the next few weeks, but the new leather F50 definitely seems like a great boot and it seems unlikely that I will stop enjoying it anytime soon.  Also considering the classy all-white with green accent colorway available, this boot will appeal to any and all in the boot world.  Well done adidas, the F50 has impressed all-around.

4 / 5 stars     

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