Hazard in FIFA15

There is no replacement for playing real-life soccer. No replacement for a real pair of boots in your own hands. No replacement for experiencing the beautiful game in the flesh. However, FIFA definitely comes close. An amazingly improved game, improved physics, and a game that has us give it super high marks in our review. However, with moves in the last few incarnations as those of us that are gear-nerds being able to update boots and wear any boot available on the current market, I wondered whether this FIFA would continue the trend.

Great news…it has…plus some.

On the launch date, EA Sports made sure that practically every boot available on the market was available in the game. Not only were we treated to the entirety of the boots available at the World Cup, but EA had also added the adidas carnival pack, the Predator re-release pack, and had integrated the collar of the current Magista and SuperFly. The brands available upon the launch of the game included the “big three,” Mizuno, Lotto, Penalty, Under Armour, Umbro, and Warrior.

As far as match balls available, EA Sports has provided more match balls than I even knew existed. While almost all of the boot brands above are represented, there are even a few other brands that sneak into the match ball side of things. On top of that, adidas has made every ball used for the last 20-25 years available in the EA Sports Catalog (which we will discuss later). Whether you want to use the Jabulani in your matches, the Puma evoPOWER match ball, or even the Penalty brand match ball, the option is available to you.

Now, while launching with some impressive wares would be just fine, any player of some of the older FIFA games will tell you that it is tough to exist as a boot-nerd when the boots that launched with the game become out of date. That is where the EA Sports Catalog comes in. Not a new feature with FIFA15, EA has made sure to take full advantage on this go around by always adding the newest products as they become available.

The new Ordem Hi-Vis match ball that just launched in the last few weeks popped up in the Catalog at the same time…before that, you were given a generic black/yellow EA Sports ball. Whenever a boot launches from one of the brands included in the game, the boots become available in the Catalog. Although it will cost you some “EA Credits” (currency earned by leveling up in the game), it is now entirely possible to have the footwear on your players be as up to date as possible. The only big negative is that you have to manually update player’s footwear…perhaps FIFA16 will see sponsored players automatically update their footwear to the newest colorway.

It is rare to see such a massive product like FIFA15 cater to an area of their fan-base that is probably not in the majority. However, it is these little additions that continue to grow its fans and continue to make it the biggest and best soccer simulation game available on the planet. Would you like to see what it is like to score at Old Trafford wearing the newest Puma boots and striking the newest Nike match ball? FIFA15 can help with that…go get a copy today!


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