Umbro UX-1

While Nike and Adidas might be scrapping for the biggest presence at the World Cup and attempting to knock each other out with new boots and releases, some of the other brands have not gotten a proper amount of attention given to their newest products. For us, we covered one such boot a few weeks ago that we have gotten in for testing and we hope that it gets the attention that it truly deserves: the Umbro UX-1. While it had a few appearances at the World Cup (on Joe Hart’s feet), the UX-1 shows that Umbro is not going to sit back on their laurels, but are going to charge into the future with new ideas and fresh creations.

While I could spend a long time talking about just how much I love a boot being labeled with a color name of “grape,” the UX-1 deserves more than just praise based on its colorway. A boot that shows that Umbro are not afraid to take risks, the UX-1 is not playing around in the still-running “fad” that has boots shaving every ounce they can. Built like a tank and circling the 10 oz mark, the UX-1 is loaded down with tech and is able to successfully tip-toe the line between being efficient or just being plain overloaded.

Joe Hart Man City Umbro UX-1 edited

The UX-1 is cushioned throughout the entirety of the boot and is extremely comfortable. The tongue actually has its own Poron padding and the Armor-Tex upper is actually very comfortable. I experienced a relatively easy break-in and found the boot to be really great fitting. One of the main reasons seem to come from the oft-used A-frame that Umbro still uses aiding the fit and the laces loop so deeply into the sides of the boot that you can really pull the boot snug.

Considering the fact that adidas also just threw “lightweight superiority” to the wind with their recent Predator, it will be interesting to see if the strongly built boots are making a bit of a comeback. The UX-1 has the tech of a modern boot, but it definitely hearkens back to a time where hulking dinosaurs lumbered across the earth. Will heavy boots come back to the forefront or will these boots become more of the “exception” than the “rule?”

We have only given the UX-1 one good run-out so far, but the boot has impressed to this point and we are anxious to see how the added features to this product help while playing. The UX-1 has been a surprising arrival and we hope that it continues to be surprising (in a positive way). We will have a full review up in a few weeks for this Umbro boot and we look forward to our continued time in the UX-1.

(Sizing note: True to size)



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