Nike Ordem 3 match balls

Nike’s 3rd installation in the Ordem match ball will be release on July 1st. The new top tier match ball will be used across the globe in international play and in the three major club leagues in Europe (Barclay’s Premier League, La Liga & Serie A).

Not much has changed on the Ordem since its inception in 2014. The Nike Aerow Trac gooves on the outer paneling help give the ball a consistent flight pattern. With predictable flight patterns, it is easy for players to judge the flight pattern of the Ordem 3.

The Ordem 3 has a lot of response underneath its paneling. A three layer casting system gives the shell of the ball a firm base to build on. The strength of the casting of the ball will greatly affect its ability to maintain a spherical shape over time and general durability. The Poly-wrapped carbon latex bladder gives the ball a needed sense of stability. Without a finely wrapped and protected bladder the ball will regress air and not keep its true shape.

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Nike did revisualize the design of the Ordem 3. In the previous generations, Nike used a RaDaR (Rapid Decision and Response) textured look to give the players a better visual of the ball. With the Ordem 3, Nike has introduced a simpler design on the paneling. Nike calls this the Visual Power Graphic.

The Visual Power Graphic on each match ball is a different color for the different competitions. The Barclay’s Premier League match ball will revert to a red color for the first time since the Nike Aerow II match ball in 2008. The La Liga match ball will use a vibrant green and the Serie A Ordem 3 will feature what seems to be the Italians favorite alternate color, pink.

Closeup of Serie A Ordem 3

Premier League Nike Ordem 3

A fourth color of the Ordem 3 match ball will be used for Nike-sponsored cup competitions and international play. Nike gave this ball an orange color, which has already been featured in their promotional material for the Hypervenom Phatom with Neymar. You will be able to see the Ordem 3 in person this summer at the CONCACAF Gold Cup and international friendlies.

The Premier League Ordem 3 match ball will debut for the first time on July 15th. Arsenal, Everton, Stoke City and a Singapore Select XI are playing a four-match contest that will use the league-specific red Ordem.

The Nike Ordem 3 looks like a great stunner. Cannot wait to get my hands on one and watch it fly into the back of the net!


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