Steven Gerard-Nitro ChargeAlthough anyone on staff here at the Instep or over at the Center Circle is aware of my intense fan-boy/man-crush on Steven Gerrard, the rest of the world might not be aware.  With that intense admiration and the fifty-foot restraining order, I was quick to notice that Steven Gerrard was sporting the red Champions League NitroCharge during Liverpool’s game against Manchester United.  Over the past few weeks there have been conflicting reports between both the player and his footwear company, Adidas…who are we to believe?

First, we were all amazed that Steven Gerrard stuck with the Predator series through the LZ “phase.”  The synthetic upper and the Zones seemed completely against the type of boot that Gerrard would typically prefer and adidas seemed reluctant to release too many dark and “quiet” colorways for the LZ and LZ II.  Gerrard still stuck with the LZ through the entire shift of bright colorways and seemed like he would wear the ultra-bright (and ultra-green) launch colorway of the LZ II.  However, change was afoot.

Images of Gerrard using the adiPure 11Pro quickly had the world scrambling to see if Gerrard was switching silos.  However, both the player and adidas were quick to say that Gerrard had shifted into the adiPure for a limited time as his Predators were being “fixed” in order to prevent a blister problem that had arisen for Gerrard.  But, Gerrard still seemed to spend a little longer than would have been necessary in the 11Pro and he even spent a little bit of time in the NitroCharge.  Unsurprisingly, footballing fans jumped on the story as the new NitroCharge seems like the perfect boot for the Liverpool captain.  Still, a few weeks went by and Gerrard seemed to have returned to the LZII and was even seen getting the new colorway update a run-out.

Then, the United fixture came and Gerrard stepped out in a boot that would fit the Liverpool home kit perfectly and a boot that’s advertised effects seem to be right in Captain Fantastic’s wheelhouse.  For someone that has followed the entirety of Gerrard’s career and wishes him many more years in the EPL, the NitroCharge is definitely a better fit for Liverpool’s #8 than the LZ.  As I have tested the Nitro and LZ, I definitely would lean farther to the NitroCharge than the LZ II…it seems that Gerrard has come to the same conclusion.

The possibility is, sadly, still open for the fact that adidas may start talking about a “blister” issue again.  Gerrard is a huge face for any boot franchise and I am sure that adidas would prefer him backing the LZ II, but Gerrard has long loved an old-school style power boot with a supple upper.  This time, the switch might actually be permanent…watch out Stevie G fans, the Nitro might be getting another big player on the books and he might be the Liverpool captain…of course, adidas are probably sneaking something into his Nitro to cause a “blister” as we speak…but, who knows…