Nike Free Mercurial Superfly

Nike has decided to completely walk off the stage after dropping the mic. With Nike transforming all of their headliners into lifestyle shoes, we were all too willing to slip on the best from the Swoosh and see what was on offer. From the Hypervenom Free to the Magista Freescape, “impressive” seems to apply anywhere and everywhere that Nike decides to wave their hand. The last member for us to try was the Nike Mercurial Free, and it seems that we have saved the best for last.

The first thing that Nike has done with all of their FlyKnit boots that have transitioned to lifestyle shoes is ensure that the FlyKnit is incredibly soft. Where suffering through tackles and harsh conditions means that the FlyKnit on the firm ground outings needs to be tough and able to prevent quick rips, the lifestyle shoes with FlyKnit have butter soft uppers. Comfort is present from the word “go.” Add in the FlyWire and its ability to keep your foot locked in and ensure a great fit, and you have a perfect situation from the second you get the shoes laced up.

Flyknit Nike Mercurial Free Superfly lifestyle shoes

With the Mercurial Free, you find that the shoe is much easier to slip on than the collared SuperFly. The tabs at the front and back of the heel help you get the shoe on and off quickly, and help you adjust the collar to sit however you would like above your ankle. One of the biggest differences on the collared lifestyle shoes in contrast to the collared performance boots is that the collar doesn’t begin to rub uncomfortably after a few hours. The Mercurial Free is perfect for wearing during a full day at the office or going about your daily routine, and the collar never becomes an issue.

Outsole of Mercurial Free lifestyle shoes

The Free 5.0 outsole on these shoes gives your foot perfect freedom of movement and ensures that you can use these shoes to just chill or to hit the gym. The padding on the outsole also continues the comfort level and blends together to give you a great shoe. The only real advice we have to give, besides telling you to snag one of these immediately, is that, unlike the standard Superfly (which fits about 1/2 size off (I wear a 10 in the SF and a 10.5 in everything else)), the Mercurial Free fits true to size.

Nike isn’t taking any time off or letting any part of their chain become weak. With a continued assault planned for 2016, we have no doubt that Nike will continue to roll out some fantastic gear. If the Mercurial Free is any indication, then we can’t wait! A unanimous vote to put this shoe at the top of my current list of lifestyle options, the Mercurial Free is set for many terms to come. Hail to the Chief!


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