Nike Neymar Ousadia Alegria Hypervenom

In the world of soccer gear, there are only a few players that have been honored with a custom version or colorway of a boot. However, it seemed like it was only a matter of time before the face of the HyperVenom range (Neymar) got his own signature look. While Nike still has CR7 positioned as their top man, the future currently seems to be destined to rest on the Brazilian attacker. With that in mind, we expect a host of future custom boots for Neymar…but, this particular set-up…well, it has us thinking that the story that Nike is putting with the colorway might not be the entire story.

Although Neymar is the main face of the HyperVenom line, it has been the worst kept secret in soccer equipment that the Barcelona forward isn’t wearing a true-blue HyperVenom. Neymar’s boots are dressed in all the trappings and colors of a HyperVenom, but underneath the first layer hides a Vapor X. The biggest face of a boot silo and he isn’t even wearing the product? Does that seem like the type of player that a company would want to hand a custom colorway to?

Enter the crazy colorway on Neymar’s custom venom…and the perfect cover for a Vapor X that Nike wants to make look like a Hypervenom.

Nike Hypervenom Phantom - Ousadia Alegria

Much in the same way that Puma uses their camo colorways, we think that Nike might be using the same bit of trickery to fool all of us. If you are going to have the main face of your boot line wearing a totally different boot, it doesn’t quite send the best message to prospective customers and fans. So, since the world has caught on to the fact that Neymar’s Hypervenom is a scam, then perhaps Nike has decided to paint up the boot so that it won’t be as painfully obvious to see the Brazilian avoiding the boot that he is supposed to be rocking.

Neymar's Hypervenom Phantom

We will be anxious to see if Nike either starts working out these colorways for Neymar regularly or if they just have him stick in this boot for a while. It will be an interesting saga to watch, and we really can’t wait to see how the player and the company handle this truly unique situation. Have you ever seen a situation like this one? How would you solve the problem? Do you think that Nike is using the colorway as camouflage, or has Neymar snagged the first of many signature looks? Let us know in the comments.


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