Soccer goal size, like pitch size, can vary by league. The international standard for adult play is 24’ by 8’. The standard US junior goal is 21’ wide and 7’ high.

A basketball hoop is 10’ high, it’s 60’ 6” to the pitcher’s mound, and it’s 100 yards from endzone to endzone. These are measurements that even casual American sports fans can recite off the tops of their heads. As soccer grows in popularity, many fans and athletes are becoming more familiar with the layout of the pitch. Soccer pitches, of course, can vary in size but are usually about 115 yards long and 74 yards wide. It’s the preferred dimensions for most pro teams and international play.

Official FIFA® Dimensions

For international play, the standard soccer goal is 24’ by 8’. This is the size that you’ll see when you watch a game from high school leagues to World Cup play and everything in between. Full size soccer goals for sale are an investment, but you’ll have the luxury of practicing and working on skills with a goal that has the same dimensions that the game’s best use. This is particularly helpful if you’re a goalkeeper who dreams of making it to the next level.

Youth and Indoor Dimensions

Goals do come in a variety of smaller sizes. From the US junior standard, which is 21’ wide and 7’ high, to the preferred 12’ x 6’6” net for indoor play, there are a number of different designs on the market. Smaller portable soccer goals are ideal for pickup games at the local park with a crew of neighborhood kids and for practicing indoors. Whether you’re competing in a serious adult indoor winter league, or just kicking the ball around the backyard, these goals will help you improve your game.