The Perfect Soccer Shoe Fit

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Whether you’re an adult who needs to replace worn-out boots for the upcoming season, or a kid who has recently had a growth spurt and outgrown your soccer shoes, you may be wondering how a pair of cleats are supposed to fit on your feet. It’s a question the experts at The Instep get asked a lot. For starters, everyone’s foot and comfort preferences are different, so there are no hard and fast rules that work for all players. Instead, here are some tips and guidelines that will help you find your ideal pair of high-performance soccer cleats.

Take an Accurate Measurement of Your Foot

For starters, you have to know what you’re working with. Forget your old cleats for a moment and sit down with a piece of paper, a pencil, and a tape measure. Place your foot on the paper, trace an outline with the pencil, and measure from your heel to the end of your longest toe. Make sure to wear the same style of socks you wear on game day. Do this for both feet, as it’s quite likely one will be slightly larger than the other. Take the larger of the two foot sizes, and use that as your main measurement.

A Snug Fit Means a More Natural Response

Ideally, you want your boot to feel like it’s an extension of your body. This means a nice snug fit is key. How tight you like it is personal preference, but it’s not uncommon for players to wear boots that are a half size smaller than their casual sneakers. Look for cleats that are no more than ¼” longer than your largest foot. If you’re shopping for a kid who is still growing, you can shop for boots that are ½” longer than their biggest foot. Soccer boots that are too big can put the athlete at risk for injury, so it’s important that you don’t try to plan too far ahead when buying cleats for your child.

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Material Matters

Soccer shoes and cleats are made from a lot of different types of materials these days. Some are lighter, others provide better breathability, some offer a more natural feel for ball-handling and touch passes. When it comes to fit, leather cleats tend to have more give and stretch than cleats made from synthetic materials. If you have wider feet, you might want to select leather boots. Once you break them in, you’ll find a little bit of stretch makes them feel more comfortable.

Free Returns Make Online Shopping Easy offers free and easy returns on all of our non-sale soccer cleats. As long as they’re in sellable condition and returned within 90 days, you can get a full refund, or credit to put towards another pair. Make an order, enjoy lightning-fast shipping, and try them on at home. If they don’t feel amazing, send them back and try another design.


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