a pair of muddy soccer shoes
When you buy a pair of soccer shoes, especially a high-end pair, you’ll want to take care of them and keep them looking their best. That said, without the right materials and know how cleaning a pair of soccer boots can be a frustrating experience, and you may even end up damaging your cleats. However, if you follow along with our simple instructions below you should be able to get your boots looking nice without too much trouble.

First off, you are going to need a few things before we get started:

1 Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
1 Cloth or Tea Towel
1 bowl of warm water
1 toothbrush (not the one for your mouth)
Some crumpled up newspaper
1 Dry Cloth

Step 1:

Get all of the items on the list above together, and make sure you a have a clean dry surface to work on. Grab the pair of cleats you want to clean and place them on the table in front of you. You always want to clean the upper of your soccer shoes first, as your cloth and Magic Eraser will get really dirty cleaning the soles, and you don’t want to get that on your upper. Remove the laces from both shoes and wash them in the sink with some soap. Now, go ahead and get your Magic Eraser wet in your bowl of water and start gently scrubbing the dirt off of your shoes. Whether they are leather or synthetic, use a circular motion working down towards the sole to slowly clean the dirt away. Go over each boot two times then use a wet cloth to wipe away any other bits of dirt left behind.

Step 2:

Stuff the boots with newspaper to make sure the inside is staying dry and turn them over. Wring out your Magic Eraser and use ti to clean the dirt off the sole plate and cleats. If you’re cleats have caked on mud, dry and knock off as much as possible before you start scrubbing. Once you have most of the dirt off, wipe them down with the wet cloth, and use the toothbrush to get and remaining dirt out of any nooks or crannies.

Step 3 :

Use the dry towel you have to dry off your soccer cleats on the sole and upper, and leave them to dry with the newspaper still in side them.

Step 4:

Once your laces are dry, lace your boots back up and remove the newspaper. Put them on and adjust the lacing to where you’re comfortable with the fit and you should be the proud owner of a sparkling clean pair of soccer shoes.

One caveat, don’t use harsh sops on your soccer cleats when you clean them as it can damage the upper and lead to the color peeling off. Other than that, be sure to check our video for a walk-through on the cleaning process, and you should be good to go.


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