Curving a soccer ball requires you to put side-spin on the ball. Spinning the ball clockwise will curve the ball to the right, and spinning it counter-clockwise will curve the ball to the left. Like anything else on the pitch, bending or curving the ball takes not only artistry but a ton of practice. For starters, set up a cone between you and the net. Practice curving the ball around the cone and into the net. Experiment with striking the ball at different angles and different levels of force. Put in the hard work, and soon, you’ll be bending the ball, mid-flight, just like a pro.

Curving a soccer ball requires artistry, fundamentals, and practice


Watching a superstar dominate the pitch is like watching an artist paint a masterpiece or a magician perform a jaw-dropping act. It can seem at times like they almost have a supernatural control over the ball, epl soccer ballcausing it to bend in mid-air and curve around defenders or find a corner of the net. Of course, all the ball-handling, passing, and shooting that the pros do really just breaks down to solid fundamentals, experience on the pitch, and loads of conditioning and practice.

Players are always asking The Instep how to curve a soccer ball like Messi. Here’s some advice from our experts:

Learn the Basics

To put spin on the ball, you want to strike it slightly off center. Place the ball on the pitch and line up about three strides away. Assuming you’re right-footed, approach the ball with a slight angle from left to right. Strike the ball with the inside of your foot near the bottom right corner. Bending the ball in the other direction requires the opposite approach; attack the ball from right to left, and strike the bottom left corner with the front of your foot. If you’re left-footed, the same basics apply, but the directions are switched, as if you were looking into a mirror.

Practice, Practice, Practice

When practicing how to curve the soccer ball, experiment with striking the ball from different angles and with varying amounts of power, until you find the approach that gives you maximum spin. A slight “flick” of the ankle when you’re striking the ball may add even more spin to your shot.

Be a Hero on the Pitch

Wrap your pass around the defense and set a teammate up for a score. Launch a free kick around the wall of defenders and into the back corner of the net. Give yourself a new weapon when you’re putting the ball in play on a corner kick. Practice for all of these different scenarios. Sooner or later, you’ll have a chance to put your skills to use on the field.

Hone Your Skills With a Pro-Quality Ball

Though you can put spin on any soccer ball, it helps to practice with great gear. The latest Nike® soccer ball and adidas® soccer ball designs, as well as offerings from other top brands, should all serve you fine. If you’re looking for improved traction and a consistent striking area, a new pair of cleats might be in order, such as high-tech soccer boots by PUMA®.