Battle Pack players

As we are an insatiable group of gear nerds here at The Instep, it only took a moment or two after the launch of Nike’s new products (the Magista and SuperFly) before we were already discussing the equal and opposite reaction that always occurs between Nike and Adidas. So, now that we have finally seen what adidas will have their players wearing during the 2014 World Cup, we are able to catch our breath and pass judgement on how adidas have done with, what always seems to be, the biggest boot launch podium the companies receive.

While we would be lying if we did not say that we now had one eye turned towards what Puma or other brands will be doing this summer, adidas have turned our head a bit…but it does not feel like it is all positive.

First, although I would struggle with wearing a pair of boots that look like the Battle Pack, adidas have done a great job creating a boot that will be super easy to recognize on the pitch in Brazil. No matter how far away the cameras are or which adidas players are on the pitch, the black/white contrast and pattern on the entirety of the Battle Pack will quickly allow would-be customers of adidas to spot their upcoming boot purchase with little to no struggle. In this department, adidas have done a fantastic job.

Second, the Battle Pack commercial is really well done. While it takes on a fairly more serious vibe than Nike’s “Winner Stays”, the adidas Battle Pack commercial definitely gets you pumped up to take the pitch. Suarez seems to have completely moved into the role of an adidas headliner and, depending on how Uruguay do, could be the biggest player in the standard F50. Considering that there might be an update for adidas before the World Cup, there is no telling how often we will see this commercial in the coming months…but we expect to have it memorized before too long.

Predator Battle Pack

From a negative standpoint, adidas have provided practically zero insight into the fact that there are some new updates to the boots available from the boot giant. The Predator has been updated to the Predator Instinct as the LZ II departs rather quietly. As a few of our staff have commented, without being a boot nerd, we would be fairly unaware that a new Predator was on the scene. How times have changed…a predator release only a few years ago would have been one of the biggest things to occur in the equipment world, yet this launch feels closer to a small update.

In the same vein as the Instinct, the 11Pro for this World Cup and Battle Pack also looks updated and, until we get our hands on a pair, could be completely changed. While updates are typically put up in lights for any big boot silo, it seems that we may have to wait a bit before adidas truly lift the lid on either of these new boots. On top of the 11Pro and new Predator, the NitroCharge also looks like it has undergone a few changes. No more pads in the heel, no more “lumps” on the forefoot, but the stitching just looks like it is a completely different upper.

Nitrocharge Battle Pack

The Battle Pack definitely will have a split opinion as it spreads through the boot world. However, will it be enough to keep most of the world from letting their mind wander back to the Magista and SuperFly? I suppose that remains to be seen, but we here at Instep HQ are not the least bit upset about all the new boots heading our way. (We love the World Cup!)


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