Samba Pack paint cans

As we get prepared for the soccer equipment world to start rolling out their World Cup goodies, we here at the Instep have recently wrapped up testing all of the boots from the Samba pack.  Although the LZ II and NitroCharge are the same as previous models, the 11Pro II and the newest adiZero were definitely impressive boots from the German manufacturers.  Considering that these were the boots that officially fired the gun on the World Cup build-up, it will definitely be attached to the 2014 tournament equipment cycle when we remember the World Cup in the future.

A few short weeks after the Samba pack started to show up, we were lucky enough to be sent the presentation case associated with the pack.  After giggling like a schoolgirl once we opened the package holding the paint cans and boots and proceeded to snap about a million pictures with our phones, we finally started looking at the boots and the information on the paint cans.  Denoting all of the particulars of the boots and highlighting their locations on each product, the Samba pack is chocked full of improvements and tech advances that adidas would hope to put them a bit ahead of Nike as 2014 beckoned.

Samba Pack Presentation Case

The F50 is definitely the best adiZero to date, the 11Pro II finally feels like a move back to the heritage days of the boot, the LZ II offers an amazingly unique experience, and the Nitro is definitely a big favorite here at Instep HQ.  The F50 and 11Pro II will definitely get a lot of well-deserved press as the biggest players take the biggest stage this summer, and there are rumors of impending changes to the Predator and Nitro as Brazil beckons.  No matter which boots are on the pitches this summer, each adidas silo will be given a very aggressive ad campaign that will make our paint cans look like a mere drop in the bucket.

What were your thoughts on the Samba pack?  What are your thoughts on the paint can presentation cases?  Which boot do you think will reign supreme at the 2014 World Cup?  For us here at the Instep, we are definitely excited to find out!

Top view of Samba Pack


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