Two Habitual Winners Link-Up for Nike Collab

The Bro-mance is real with these two. You love to see it. LeBron and Kylian take every chance to share their respect for the other. LeBron James has been seen wearing Mbappé Nike(obviously)gear in the past, but this time they take it a step further. Kylian Mbappé and LeBron James, the perfect collaboration between world champions. From an iridescent metallic upper to the double Swoosh, this Mercurial Superfly is a contender for shoe of the year and 2021 just started!

chosen two markup

Seeing Double

The features on this collaboration come in 2’s. It makes all the sense because there are two of them and it is called the “Chosen 2”, but Nike went even deeper than that with these design details. So let’s check the cool ones out.

Limited Edition Number- There are 4620 pairs of these available world-wide. Why this particular number?

23(LeBron’s Number)x2= 46 and

10(Mbappé’s number for France)x2= 20

and they said you would never use math after school….

Chosen One Ambigram- A “Chosen One’ graphic is found on the toe and it’s an ambigram so you can read it right side up and upside down!

Split Color Sole Plate- Two different designs are split in half on the sole plate of the cleat.

Double Swoosh- One of the most prominent (and awesome) design features is the double Swoosh, which represents the affiliation between the athletes and sports. A repeating Mercurial logo can be found on the top Swoosh, while a molded texture is found on the bottom one.

Molded Heel Logos- LeBron and Mbappé’s logos can be found molded on the heel of each cleat, one for each foot.


Awesome Accessories-

The details don’t stop at the shoes, all the accessories that come with the shoes have iridescent ‘KM’ branding. There is also a hang tag that comes with each cleat. One with ‘KM’ and one with a Lion for LeBron. The box say ‘Kylian’ one way and ‘Lebron’ on the other.

Let us know, are these a slam dunk from Nike? Give us your thoughts in the comment section!