As far as we can imagine, there are very few brands in the soccer equipment world that can press the “reset” button quite as effectively as Umbro has. While other brands (in a similar situation) might have fallen off the Nike tree to never attempt to return, Umbro are facing their future with a vigor and several new boots to help them attempt to rise back to the top. While the UX-1 may currently be receiving the majority of the press surrounding Umbro, here at The Instep we have grown exceedingly curious about the Umbro GeoFLARE.



As if on cue, Umbro have decided to treat us to a brand new colorway and set-up for the GeoFLARE. Crafted with some very bright colors (formally known as Green Gecko Camo/Blackberry Cordial/Safety Yellow…never dull colors (or names for the colors) from Umbro, right?) and a camo pattern, the GeoFLARE will be making its debut on the feet of Maurico Pinilla as he takes the pitch for Chile in the World Cup match against Australia. On top of the new colors that adorn the boot, the upper has had a slight change in set-up. Gone are the small padded “zones” and, in their stead, the entirety of the upper has been textured to help aid with control.


For us, the best part about this pair of boots it that, after a few rather “safe” colorways, the colors on the UX-1 and this newest GeoFLARE definitely show that Umbro are feeling confident again…taking a stance that will have the brand looking like they are ready to take on the world. A perfect blend of bold from the UX-1/GeoFLARE and the classic looks provided from the Speciali will round out an impressive stable. We do wonder where the GT Pro and GeoMetra still fit in, but the current signs from Umbro are very positive.


We are hoping to begin testing some of the Umbro silos very soon, but nothing makes us as excited as seeing something that will cause true competition in the world of boots. With that added competition, every brand steps their game up and improves themselves. As Umbro push further into a world where they once held a lofty place, it means that other brands will take notice and make moves in order to stay ahead of the iconic diamond.


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