There are not many athletes who can say that adidas have made a signature colourway just for them. Adidas collaborated with Argentine superstar Lionel Messi to create the new Turbo/Blast Purple/White F50 adiZero, the sixth signature boot the German company has created for Messi after the original Running White/Red colourway. However, while the majority of boots are debuted in competitive matches, Messi wore the boots for the first time on the pitch in the Messi and Friends vs Rest of the World fixture.

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While he was a Nike endorser in the early days of his Barcelona career (true story, he made his competitive debut in the Nike Air Zoom T90 III and scored his first goal in Barcelona colours wearing the Nike Air Legend), the Messi name is now synonymous with the adidas brand, most notably with the F50 range. Adidas have made plenty of signature boots for their little Argentine, and last week saw the launch of the latest boot made just for Messi, and it is definitely a boot that screams speed!

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Even though it is signature boot number 6 for Messi, only a few of the signature boots made for Messi have been made available to the public. This is only the third Messi signature boot that has been made available to the public, with other colourways deemed so special that they have not been released for general sale. It is a clever marketing ploy of sorts, it means the launch of a new Messi adiZero is rather special.

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Something else that makes the Messi adiZero special is the slight variation on the upper. The Messi adiZero models are the only F50 adiZeros released with the Sprintskin Dualmax upper. We saw the Sprinskin Dualmax upper deployed on the last Messi signature colourway release, and while it is still a synthetic upper, it has a grainy leather finish to it for a more natural feel for the ball. Having used the Messi adiZero myself, there is not a huge difference between regular Sprintskin and the new Dualmax upper. However, the Dualmax upper is actually lighter than the normal Sprintskin upper, so you definitely have that barefoot feel for the ball with the Messi adiZero!

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Strangely, this is the second time adidas have released a Messi adiZero and only offering the boot with a synthetic colourway. While it does again differentiate the Messi adiZero from a normal F50 adiZero release, it is rather strange when it is considered that Messi wore a customised leather adiZero when he wore the Running White/Red colourway. We are a little unsure from our photos whether Messi is wearing the normal synthetic version of the Messi adiZero or the a customised leather edition, but considering the Argentine has had a taste for leather F50 adiZeros ever since the boot was introduced for the 2010 World Cup, it would not surprise us if adidas have bent the rules for Messi once more.

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Like the look of the new Messi F50 adiZero? Unfortunately, they will not be available for general sale until August, but if you race over to SoccerPro, you can pre-order your pair so you can be amongst the first to get the boot! Until then, what do you think about the new Messi F50?