Despite what some people may think, there are actually more brands in the world than Nike/Adidas/Puma and the Instep has always been trying to bring you as much information in the world of boots as we can.  Because of that, we have just gotten a package here at Instep HQ all the way from Thailand and we cannot wait to get these boots on our feet and straight into testing.  So, what have we had arrive and what goodies have we gotten from the far east?…well…


Pan Football

Pan Football

The Super Sonic 3 sees Pan taking a shot at the “speed” genre and we are anxious to see what it has to offer.  Used extensively in Thailand’s professional levels, the Super Sonic is made with a waterproof/non-stretch Microfiber K.13 leather.  This synthetic is supposed to provide good ventilation and a great touch while being lightweight and is supposed to be a wrinkle-free material…or, that’s what Pan says!  The soleplate reminds me of older Mercurial versions or some lower tier models that are have been on the market for some time, but there is no complete match out there and it is certainly unique.


The Wave Classic 2 will need us to head indoors to get some proper testing, and it bares zero resemblance to the Super Sonic 3.  A leather shoe with some definite thickness involved, the Wave Classic looks like it would be useful on gym surfaces or in a turf setting.  The shoe already feels very soft and it seems like it will have a very relaxed break-in when we finally get to test it!  Although I am not a huge fan of the “mint” color, put another color on this shoe and it could easily function as a shoe for everyday wear because of the build and feel.

While we certainly have an open mind going in with the Pan testing, neither of these really feel or seem like they are about to set the world alight.  However, we know better than to judge a boot by how it feels in your hands or how it looks and Pan will be getting our full attention over the next few weeks.  What are your thoughts on these boots?  Have you ever even heard of Pan?


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