New Balance Blackout Squad

Want to wear what Vincent Kompany, Samir Nasri, and Aaron Ramsey wear? Then head over to and enter New Balance’s amazing competition. Over the last month, New Balance has had the date “3/09/15” across all of their social media. Now we know what the date meant.

New Balance’s much anticipated release is just around the corner and the folks over at NB are making the wait even harder. The new #NBBlackoutsquad competition was announced today and it gives any player at any level to become one of the first people in the world to break out the unreleased boots on the pitch.

Sounds sweet right? Well it gets better. If you “make the cut” you would also receive exclusive New Balance kits and be one of the first to receive new gear when it’s released throughout the year. The competition would give you as close to becoming a New Balance sponsored pro as most of us will ever be.

If you ask me, I think this is one of the coolest competitions from a major brand to date. Not only do you get to test some exclusive boots but you also get access to future releases. The catch? All you have to do is use or social media to spread the word about New Balance Football.

Signing up is easy and simple and the process asks you some pretty unique questions but I will leave that to those who enter the competition to see.  Once you’re done, you just play the waiting game and hope you are one of the lucky ones to be sent the exclusive gear from New Balance.

Kompany's NB Blackout cleats

In case you’re behind: New Balance is making the comeback to soccer after they decided to take over the soccer equipment duties from Warrior. New Balance are the parent company of Warrior so it is not a buyout, it just a rebranding. Over the course of the season, we have seen New Balance prototypes popping up all over the Premier League, only recently have we seen different color soleplates for some of the different players. Like Samir Nasri posted on his twitter feed having a City blue soleplate and Aaron Ramsey with the orange sole plate. But many of the players have stuck with the all-black boots, keeping the launch colorway a mystery.

Aaron Ramsey Arsenal New Balance edited

So are any of you going to enter the competition? Let me know in the comments and let me know what you think of New Balance’s foray into soccer.


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