Aaron Ramsey in New Balance

As you may know by now, New Balance have announced they are coming back in to soccer. With players wearing whiteout and blackout New Balance Football boots on the pitch and the #NBBlackoutSquad campaign, NB are trying to quickly become a household name in soccer.

Today, New Balance has only added to the hype of their upcoming boot launch by releasing a fast paced, energetic, and flashy ad. All of the New Balance sponsored athletes make an appearance in the minute-long ad to really get the excitement going for the brand’s explosion back into soccer. Aaron Ramsey from Arsenal, Vincent Kompany, Samir Nasri, Fernando, and Jesus Navas all from Manchester City, and Marouane Fellaini and Adnan Januzaj from United, are the high profile players who will don the NB on their boots when the brand officially releases the official color ways.

The ad reads, “Every Week, Every Challenge, Every Victory, Every Run, Every Goal, Every Session, Every Hour, Every Minute, Every Second, Every Day.” The players are shown going through training, knee sliding through water, and even spitting out water to show how hard each player works and that New Balance are a brand for the warriors on the field.

Adidas recently had an ad running with their #Therewillbehaters campaign and this ad is along the same concept I believe. The main difference is that the NB commercial is meant more to stir up more hype around the brand rather than promote a specific lineup of boots. The ad really gets the attention of the audience by flashing all sorts of lights and fast cuts to different players.

I personally think the ad is awesome. The fast pace of it and the cool effects and the shot of the players really give this ad a great feel to go with the launch of the brand. New Balance are taking their marketing into overdrive with the launch inching closer and closer. Starting several campaigns on social media, giving the chance to wear their boots and equipment for an entire year, and now an ad that gets the blood pumping for any soccer player, it is clear that New Balance want to compete against the big boys as soon as possible and with the current line up of EPL stars and the many players who are sure to switch over to the brand; they may just get there.

What do you all think about New Balance’s latest ad campaign? Let me know down in the comments!


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