New Balance Furon 2.0

The New Balance Furon 2.0 has something to prove to me since it comes after the rather lackluster original Furon. The Furon 2.0 grabbed my attention as soon as the boot launched since I was eager to try out the latest version of a speed boot offering from New Balance. The Furon 2.0 feels very sturdy on feet, but not in a heavy way. It feels well put together and has a thin mesh upper that sits just on top of your foot. The soleplate is firm and not very flexible so let’s hope that changes through out the process of testing these cleats. Other than that, the Furon is actually comfortable in all areas. With the first impressions out of the way, let’s get testing.

The Look

New Balance Furon 2 closeup

The Furon sports a vibrant Bright Cherry upper that absolutely sticks out on any field. The hint of Navy Blue around the collar of the shoe and the “N” logo offer a nice contrast to the bright red. The soleplate and design on the shoe are yellow which I personally think works well on the Furon. I think the Furon’s colorway is a bold choice to go with, but it works. I think the colorway and designs on the upper describe the personalities of the players who will wear the boot: bold, fast, and built to stand out.

The Touch

NB Furon 2.0 upper

Taking this bright red shoe to the field was actually quite fun. Wearing something other than Nike or adidas is always a good day in my book since you get to experience something new.

The Furon’s Hybrid Mesh upper is thin and offers a smooth, clean feel for the ball. The laces are placed down the middle with some reinforcements around the lace holes to secure that the boot will last.

The soleplate is designed for straight line, explosive speed for players like Jesus Navas. The soleplate is made up of triangle shaped, bladed studs that help cut into the ground for an explosive push off for the sprints every player has to make when running after the ball. The soleplate is designed perfectly for these situations, while I was testing the cleats I found myself chasing down long through balls and attempted to settle the pass and take a shot. The boot performed exceptionally well in situations such as this. The only issue I can talk about with the performance is the lack of real stability under the heel. The two studs under the heel just did not seem to be enough for full comfort and stability.

The multi directional changes you will need in a normal soccer match were no problem and I have zero complaints with that. Striking and passing the ball feel as close to your foot as possible, which I personally love the little bit of sting you feel from a powerful shot.

To secure your foot in the boot, New Balance added a Fantom Fit cage that wraps your midfoot to lock your foot in for every movement you may have. The lock down comfort just adds to my fandom of the cleat since one of the toughest things to find in a speed boot is the blend of comfort and a thin upper. The cleat is lightweight as well so when you add all of the positives together, you have a pretty killer boot on your hands.

Even through months of testing the Furon, the cleat has held up and still looks great with no issues to this day. The Furon was not a cleat I expected to enjoy coming in so with all of the positives I found in the boot, I am a big fan of what the Furon brings to the table. All around, a speed boot worth wearing as your next boot choice.

The Feel

NB Furon soleplate

If you are looking for a comfortable speed boot, look no further than the Furon 2.0. The lack of sock liner with the addition of the RevLite padding, creates a very smooth ride for any player wearing the boot. The only issue I had in terms of comfort was some slight rubbing on my big toe from the upper being so low on foot. Overall, the Furon is a speed boot designed to keep player comfortable. If you have overly wide feet, go for the wide foot option to have the same comfortable experience.

Bang For Your Buck

New Balance has been great about pricing their high end soccer cleats below that of Nike and adidas with most cleats coming in around $200. The Furon retails normally for $199.99 but at, you can grab the Furon 2.0 for $179.99. For what you get, a high-end speed boot such as the Furon 2.0 for under $200 is a great deal.

Who’s Wearing It?

Jesus Navas is headlining the Furon athletes, alongside Alvaro Negredo who play for Manchester City and Middlesborough, respectively. Both players play with speedy runs of plays down the middle or sides of the field so the Furon was designed around their specific needs.

The Verdict

NB Furon insole

The Furon 2.0 surprised me during the course of my testing. The lightweight speed boot has a thin mesh upper that remains in shape while also softening with use, and an extremely comfortable fit and feel. The Furon is a nice alternative in my eyes to the Nike Mercurial Vapor or adidas Messi boots. With zero issues for myself during testing, I would have to rate this speed boot from New Balance fairly high in regards of it’s technology and comfort. Awesome step up from the orginal Furon.

Sizing: True to size

4 / 5 stars     

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