New Balance Visaro - Toxic

New Balance has updated their Visaro and Furon silos with some brand new colorways for the first time in 2016. The new colorways take the same kind of reverse color scheme idea from the previous two color updates. Both the Visaro and Furon, have been dressed up in several bright, and some subtle, colorways in the silos relatively short life span. Whether the latest colorway is for you or not, you have to appreciate the brand for giving us so many different looks. Let’s dive into the new look for both boots.

New Balance Visaro instep

The latest colorway to make its way onto the Visaro gives us a primarily white base with some Toxic (Lime Green) outlining as well as Toxic laces. The New Balance branding N is black this time around and creates a nice little contrast to the white upper. The little grooves in the upper have a Toxic tint to them to give a glowing feel to the boot. The standard tech specs of the Visaro are still found onto the latest colorway.

The Visaro is designed to manipulate the ball in different ways from the zones on the upper. The control boot is perfect for Aaron Ramsey of Arsenal and Vincent Kompnay of Manchester City, who control crucial parts of the field for their clubs. You can read up on the all of the tech specs on the Visaro and how the boot faired during testing in our in-depth review here.

New Balance Furon - Toxic

The Furon continues its bold color trend. The Toxic and Pacific colorway stands out on the field and I mean REALLY sticks out. If you want to snag a colorway that will stand out no matter where or when you play, the latest Furon is for you. I would say about 80% of the boot is Toxic colorerd while the heel area brings in the Navy Blue Pacific color to fade back into the Toxic. The laces are also Toxic, much like on the Visaro. The N branding is White which is the opposite of the Visaro to let you truly know that the Furon is a completely different animal.

New Balance Furon outsole

The Furon is considered to be a pure speed boot that is designed for straight line speed, perfect for Jesus Navas who spends his time sprinting down the wing for Manchester City.

No matter which boot you are looking at as your next pick-up, has you covered. Head on over and check out their New Balance cleats. The Toxic Visaro and Furon are on pre-order right now.


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