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I had been anxiously anticipating the release of the New Balance boots ever since I started seeing the whiteout and blackout boots on the feet of some of the top professional players. When the boots were finally revealed to the public, I quickly ordered a pair and waited for a few days for them to arrive. In hand, the Visaro looks a lot like a Hypervenom prototype or a second Hypervenom with the same upper in a different pattern. The upper is very grippy and seems like it would be great for controlling the ball in any weather. Even straight out of the box the Visaro is extremely comfortable. The New Balance Fresh Foam insole can not be removed, but that didn’t bother me at all. It really gives an incredibly comfortable and cushioned feel for your feet. The upper seems a little tight at first but even after wearing the boot inside for about an hour, it softened up and stretched slightly. Now that I have had a chance to see how they are in person, let’s get more into the review.

The Look

New Balance Visaro heel

The mainly blue upper on the Visaro looks a lot nicer in hand than the online photos show. The boot looks great without being a stealth boot or trying to be over-the-top with flashy colors. The inner lining is a light orange color that almost looks pink or red in certain lighting. The white “N” for New Balance is found on the outside of the Visaro and, in my opinion, one of the best-looking brand logos on the market today. Sometimes simple is the way to go. The Visaro’s first color way is a winner in my book. I would not mind New Balance coming out with some of those black and whiteout boots that were used for testing as well. It seems that no matter the makeup on the boot, it will look great.

The Touch

New Balance Visaro overhead

The Visaro ticked all the boxes for me. I fit comfortably in the boot and loved the thinner upper more than I would have ever thought. The upper is slightly thicker than the original Hypervenom Phantom thanks to a synthetic suede liner that runs the entire length of the boot to add stability to the Visaro. While playing and cutting, I experienced no rollover, which is something I feared.

In the heel area there is a pretty hard internal plastic heel counter to help with protection in hard tackles when controlling the ball. The padding on the heel area is not as thick as the adidas X 15.1 but is a very nice firmer padding that keeps you comfortably in the boot. The shoes are anatomically shaped to give a more personal fit for each foot. The laces are pushed to the outside of your foot to give a larger striking area and a larger area to control the ball. An interesting note about the tongue is that the lower part of the tongue is the exact same material as the upper to keep the touch as uniform as possible across the forefoot. A nice touch from New Balance.

The soleplate is New Balance’s super flex soleplate designed to give the flexibility you need to move in any direction at any given moment. I noticed this feature when pushing off while sprinting and it is one of the more flexible soleplates I have worn. The stud pattern is pretty aggressive with a lot of triangular studs in the forefoot and four under the heel. I found that I really enjoyed the stud pattern on FG surfaces that gave me excellent traction and didn’t give me any stud pressure.

The upper sits almost right on top of my foot with little to no room in between my foot and the upper and I really enjoy that close to the ball feel. I was able to play in both sunny and rainy weather during my testing and the grip on the upper stayed the same throughout both conditions. Durability does not seem to be an issue so far in the Visaro. It is always difficult to predict how long a certain cleat will last but I don’t see any issues at this point. Striking the ball felt wonderful. The thin Ariaprene upper feels a lot like a smoother Nikeskin. The sweet spot area gives a nice textured feel when trying to manipulate the ball whether it is through a pass or a shot. The Visaro has won my vote for one of the most underrated boots this year. It could even sit high on a list of my personal favorite boots to come out this year. I’ve been fortunate enough to test and play in a lot of cleats and this is a boot I love. Don’t sleep on the Visaro.

The Feel

New Balance Visaro soleplate

If you are looking for a non-leather boot that will give you the most comfort, then the Visaro should be an option you look into. On feet you really feel like you are in the boot nice and snug while having a comfortable feel where it is just the right fit. During my testing I could not stop wearing the Visaro for the performance and comfort it offers. New Balance have always been known to have exceptionally comfortable running shoes and they have kept that reputation and introduced it into the soccer cleat world.

Have wide feet? New Balance have made a wide fit version of the boot to give those players who can’t fit in some of the boots they want a chance to to experience them.

Bang For Your Buck

Wanting a top end boot for a mid-tier price? Well then check out the Visaro. The starting price for a pair of Visaro Pros is $180. For a top end boot, that is a steal. Nike is asking $175 for the Hypervenom Phatal DF, and instead you can get a top end boot for only $5 more. But at SoccerPro you can pick up the Visaro Pro in either normal or wide fit for only $161.99. So in the end, the bang for your buck is outstanding for the Visaro Pro.

Who’s Wearing It?

Aaron Ramsey Arsenal New Balance edited

New Balance have transitioned a few of their Warrior-sponsored athletes into the Visaro while also adding a few big name players to the list early in the process. Premier League stars Samir Nasri and Aaron Ramsey have been wearing a whiteout and blackout version of the Visaro for a few months now. They have given the playmaking boot a good name for itself on the pitch.

The Verdict

In only the short time I have had the Visaro, it has rapidly become one of my favorite boots. Even after I had finished testing the Visaro, it is the first cleat I reach for when I head to the field. The touch and comfort have really pushed this boot above and beyond for me. The upper feels similar to the Nikeskin we found on the first Hypervenom but almost improved. I really liked the “sweet spot” area on the upper when making a long pass down field or putting curve on the ball. I can not find anything to complain about with the Visaro, it is just that nice.

Sizing: Runs true to size.

Want a pair for yourself? Head over and checkout the New Balance Visaro at today!

4.5 / 5 stars     

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