gs0265_067_nike_barca_mens_stadium_gloves_01_zlAs the game shifts from an enjoyable afternoon activity where the sun causes the player to seek the lightest and coolest clothing available to a harsh night-time encounter where multiple layers are required to keep the chill out of your bones, one of the first things that I always reach for will be a pair of field player gloves.  However, until recently, the selection was merely which brand you preferred to adorn your hands as all of the gloves available looked almost identical in their black features.  Now, Nike have taken a cue from a recent fad in American football and released field player gloves allowing you to stay warm AND don your favorite club’s colors.

Taking the warmth of their normal field player gloves, Nike have slapped fresh paint jobs on the palms of all of their gloves.  When you hold your hands together to form a triangle with your arms, the team name or nickname is formed by the joining of the gloves.  The name is also given a background that is commonly associated with a certain team.  Care to add a little more flair to your goal celebration?  Wheel away from your thirty yard screamer showing the opposition who you will be rooting for this weekend all while laughing at their cold hands and lack of style.

Although the new look is a serious update, Nike have also added a few features that will please anyone that exists in the current technology era.  Small pads placed on the thumb and on the index finger allow you to access any media device that uses a touch screen and allows you to stay in constant communication without having to take of your gloves.  The fingers and palm of the glove have also been given a textured treatment that will allow you to grip the ball during a throw in or hold onto your phone as you brag to your friends about your incredible 90 minute performance.

Field player gloves are always in my gear bag and they pay for themselves after the first 20 minutes of a really cold fixture.  If you find your hands turning blue and your fingers going numb during your next footy session, head over to our friends at and snag a pair of gloves.  There is also the added bonus of having a glove should you have need of challenging someone to a duel…but, management here at the Instep has warned us to tell you that taking part in a duel may not be the smartest move…still, the gloves look awesome!