Hypervenom Phantom - Neymar

Bold, flashy, and utterly captivating, Neymar’s latest Nike Hypervenom is about to hit the shelves – this time in Liquid Diamond. It’s a boot design that is difficult to take your eyes off because of its brash color choices and its central star, Neymar Jr. Love him or hate him, you have to admit the youngster (he’s not even 23 yet) has cemented himself as the soccer super-duperstar of the immediate future. His relationship with Nike (he wears their jersey with both Brazil and Barcelona) ensures that he will remain a stunningly marketable star for years to come.

He’s been in the Hypervenom since its release in July of 2013, so you can expect this silo to continue to identify with him even though studs like Wayne Rooney and Clint Dempsey lace them up as well. Right in the middle of last summer’s World Cup, we witnessed the release of his own spectacular gold Hypervenom colorway. Unfortunately, he was injured shortly thereafter and sat on the sidelines during that infamous 7-1 slaughter at German hands.

Neymar in Liquid Diamond Hypervenom

Currently in the midst of a melodramatic FC Barcelona season, Neymar now receives the Liquid Diamond version. All you Neymar superfans out there will already know he has a tattoo of a diamond on his left shoulder. Above it reads “sorella”, or sister, to acknowledge Rafaella, his sibling who has a companion ink job that says “fratello” (brother, obviously).

Neymar Hypervenom, 360 view

Click for a 360 view

The dazzling shiny silver upper has stylish pink and yellow accents on the front and back Swoosh. Another nice, bright touch is the gold tongue that peeks out from the silver. It’s almost as if the boot is announcing itself as future royalty with gold and silver, while maintaining the brazenly modern parts of its character with pink and yellow highlights –  a worthy tribute to the kid from Santos, Brazil.

With its lightweight, barefoot sensation, Nikeskin remains on the upper, while the speedy, split-toe soleplate rides on the bottom. Somehow the technology on this boot looks even better with all of the bright colors illuminating their features.

Outsole of Liquid Diamond Hypervenom

Neymar has said this new Hypervenom shows off his “bold and cheerful nature”. I’d say Nike can go ahead and chalk this up as a success. You can pre-order the Liquid Diamond Hypervenom Phantom on Wednesday, January 28th.


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