Although I could spend the entirety of this article gushing over the positive qualities of the FC247 pack, this will merely serve as a notice that Nike have rolled out a great-looking color update to their short-sided game collection. Where we typically only get one color change for every few months, Nike have actually give us two quick updates in one short release period as they have released a Spring 24/7 and a Brazil-inspired 24/7. Which one do you think looks the best?

Elastico Finale II

Elastico Finale II Yellow

In the normal spring update, Nike have given the Elastico Finale another bright makeover. A bright yellow NikeSkin upper with black used as the primary accent and a white sole, this Elastico Finale continues the indoor shoes young tradition of very loud colorways. Intended to be used on turf and hard surfaces, the Finale II is comprised completely of NikeSkin on the upper and provides an amazing touch in the first true “lightweight” indoor release. To be honest, the Finale II is the first shoe that I have ever possessed more than one pair at a time and this new color has tempted me to extend the collection.

Elastico Finale II

For the Brazil-inspired Finale II, Nike have decided to go a bit quieter than the typical Elastico while still going for the slightly extravagant. A grey NikeSkin upper that is only broken by small yellow accents and a green Nike Swoosh has been adorned with an amazing amount of wildlife and other various drawings to show that, even in a release that may look “quieter” from afar, the Elastico Finale II can still show some serious flair. For anyone that plays on turf that tends to streak equipment, the grey option would probably be safer than the yellow…but the Finale II almost demands that your shoe is as flamboyant as your play…I’m picking yellow…

Bomba Finale II

Purple Bomba Finale

Where the Elastico has been constantly loud in its color choice, the Bomba has consistently flip-flopped between very vibrant to very reserved uppers. With the normal spring release, Nike have given the NikeSkin area of the Bomba a similar treatment to the December/January version of the Elastico Finale II with small paint speckles and then adorned the Swoosh and large “NIKE” on the heel in “Purple Venom”…(a color that looks a bit closer to blue than to purple…). The bottom of the AG/Turf specific shoe is grey (or “anthracite”) and helps provide a bit more contrast to the shoe. Where the Elastico has been built for speed, the Bomba has been built to handle the big workload that comes with any AG/turf game.


The Brazil-inspired Bomba maintains a quiet elegance while still embracing the same accents of the entire Brazil collection. Bright orange on the laces and small Nike Swoosh pop against the dark grey used on the Bomba while the large “NIKE” on the outside of the boot houses a multitude of small illustrations that can only be seen when you hold the Bomba close. Considering both of these Bombas are a bit on the conservative side, there is little doubt that they will be successful with any fan of classy looking shoes.

Lunar Gato II

Lunargato 360

Click for a 360 view

The Lunar Gato II has quickly become my everyday shoe as the goat leather provides an amazing comfort while still having every benefit necessary should a game of footy arise. For the standard spring release, Nike have given the back half of the Gato II the “paint speckle” look and it extends down into the LunarLon underneath that particular section. The front half (the leather half) of the Gato II reminds of the “Mint” color that Nike used on an older CTR360 III, but it is called “poison green.” Although I initially viewed this shoe as a brighter option, continued views have me actually feeling it is a relatively quiet release. While the green may not appeal to everyone, the quality of this shoe once it is broken in means that it could be released in chartreuse argyle and I would still consider snagging it.

Grey Lunargato II

The Brazil-inspired Gato II employs a gray front-half (leather half) that reminds me of gum before it has been colored and a back-half made out of a dark gray and chocked full of the collection-themed designs make a great combo. Add in bright blue laces and a yellow Nike Swoosh to complete the look and Nike have made sure that anyone looking for some new shoes/indoor shoes/dress shoes will have a perfect option.

Where the battle for FG boots always seems to have one brand trying to get a step on their competition, Nike have jumped way out in front with the indoor specific gear. There is no doubt that the 24/7 collection is actually one of the most complete shoe collections (FG or otherwise) that has ever been on the market, but it still seems like some people are yet to take the plunge. If you have somehow made it to this point without one of the 24/7 collection, quickly correct your mistake and snag one for yourself (before I take them all for me).


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