Nike Electro Flare Pack

Boot fans are overly familiar with Nike’s trademark color, Volt. They have employed it on countless pieces of soccer footwear and apparel, and it’s easy to see why. That bright yellow catches the eye quicker than a school bus in a parking lot of grey sedans.

So yeah, Volt is sometimes a crutch Nike leans on when they don’t have a better idea. This time, though? It’s different. The Swoosh has utilized their Volt in a uniquely creative way by splattering it on a dark canvas, giving them the high visibility they crave in an original way. Props to the Nike designers on the Electro Flare Pack.

According to Nike News, since the days are shortening and the weather is cooling, why not go with boots that stand out as you get into the thick of your fall season? Nike has extended their Electro Flare Pack across all four silos, including their SCCRX indoor and turf line.


MercurialX Proximo 360

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Nike Mercurial Superfly - Electro Flare

After going with a grey-pink combination on the Silver Storm Pack and a pink-black combo on the Lightning Storm and Tech Craft Packs, Nike have opted to step away from pink for a bluish-purple called Squadron Blue. On the Superfly, the Dynamic Fit Collar houses a gorgeous blue heathered aesthetic, while the outsole has that sophisticated clear look. The Vapor X shows off the Volt splatter even more, making it a must-own for Vapor lovers.

Nike MercurialX Proxmo Electro Flare

For the MercurialX Proximo, both the indoor and turf versions eschew the splatter effect for a straightforward blue and purple look. Of course, the bottom retains the excellent heat map coloring, this time in blue and green.


Magista Obra - Dark Citron

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In a Dark Citron colorway, the Magista has a Volt and black soleplate that accurately complements what goes on above it. The Dynamic Fit Collar on the Obra looks fantastic, while the Opus remains one of the more underrated boots on the market, despite its popularity with the pros.

Nike MagistaX Proximo 360

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MagistaX Proximo Electro Flare

Similar to the MercurialX, the MagistaX Proximo does away with the splatter mess and goes for a clean and handsome muddied gold and yellow look. Whether you’re playing on the street or the court, these come off quite nice.


Electro Flare Hypervenom Phantom

Perhaps the most divisive of the Electro Flare Pack will be the Hyper Grape Hypervenom collection. It all depends on your opinion of the color purple, I suppose. If the Volt was a little more green, we would literally be looking at the Barney cleats. Fortunately, Nike steered away from that. The redesigned collar on the Phantom has a thin Volt ring on the top and, in a nice touch, the splatter effect continues on the soleplate.

HypervenomX Proximo - Electro Flare

Your HypervenomX Proximo features the same colorway, just with a white outsole for the indoor and turf editions. It all comes together excellently if you’re a Hypervenom fan.


Tiempo Legend Electro Flare

Finally, we get to the modern leather champion, the Tiempo Legend. For the Electro Flare Pack, Nike went with a dark grey Anthracite color, which contrasts perfectly with the yellow paint smattering on the heel section. I like how it looks all buttoned-up and conservative on the front and then wild and crazy on the back half. It’s like what they say about mullets, “business in the front, party in the back”.

You can get the Electro Flare Pack on September 28th from SoccerPro. And keep your eyes on the feet of professionals this weekend to see this pack in action.


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