Nike Superfly Ronaldo Gala

Special footballers deserve special football boots, and when you have one of the most mercurial and explosive footballers on the planet rocking your football boots, you want him to wear something to stand out from the rest. Just in time for their monster clash against Barcelona, Nike are putting their main man in the all new Nike Mercurial Superfly CR7. While it looks like a black and white boot on the surface, there is a gorgeous modern twist on these boots that will capture the eyes of those watching El Clasico this weekend.

Whenever it comes to releasing your run of the mill, general release football boots, we think football boot designers work in an environment where they make a theme and work their boots around that. But when it comes to making a boot for a headline player, designers have a blank canvas with the underlying motive of having something that encapsulates the player in a single pair of boots. And very few CR7 signature Mercurials of day past have summed up Ronaldo more so than his new signature boot: they are clean, elegant, yet they present a side to them that tells you this is unlike any other boot out on the market at the moment.

Ronaldo in Nike Superfly

CR7 Mercurial Superfly

So in case you have not worked it out yet, there is something a little different about the Superfly CR7. While it still features a Flyknit upper, Nike have introduced a new style of Flyknit they is topped off with a shimmering effect built in to the yarn. Under the floodlights or in the sun, these little white shimmers stand out against the black, creating a boot with an amazing visual effect that we know will look amazing once it is on the feet of Ronaldo himself.

While the new CR7 Mercurial will appear on all the boots in the Mercurial silo, this is the first CR7 colourway on the new Mercurial Superfly. Therefore, this is the first CR7 boot to ever feature the Dynamic Fit Collar, designed to provided a ‘locked-down’ fit to allow the boot to become a part of the ankle and lower leg.

The ‘locked-down’ fit is helped on further by the Flywire cables that are knitted into the upper and are locked into the outsole that provide lightweight support through the midfoot. Finish it all off with a layer of Nikeskin over the Flyknit upper to protect the wearer from the potentially devastating studs of a reckless defender and a carbon fiber outsole designed for lightning fast acceleration and you have yourself one of the most wanted football boots on the market.

CR7 Mercurial Superfly soleplate

Are you excited? Yeah, so are we. And where can you get these boots I hear you ask? You can get them over on SoccerPro starting tomorrow for $275, and something tells me this will already go down as a strong contender for colourway of the year in my books…

How do you feel about the new Mercurial Vapor Superfly CR7? Overwhelmed with joy or disappointed? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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