So what exactly is in an indoor shoe? While all might seem the same on the surface, there are many factors to contemplate while picking out the right pair. In particular, I am going to compare the new Nike FC247 indoor shoes, the Lunargato and Elastico. Both of these shoes have been a hot topic among the soccer world and that’s why we are dedicating so much time and thought into reviewing these shoes. So before you go and use your hard earned cash on buying a pair of indoor shoes make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck.

First, I am going to talk about two factors that are easy for anybody to grasp onto, price and color design. Now, we all know that the first thing you look at when checking out a pair of shoes is probably first the price tag next to it, and then the color design of them. The Nike Elasticos are base priced at $109.99, or $98.99 at SoccerPro and the Nike Lunargatos are $99.99, or the same 10% off at SoccerPro. In my opinion, if you are looking to buy a pair of $100 shoes, then an extra $10 won’t be your deciding factor. So let’s throw price out the window.

Elastico indoor sonic yellow

Click for a 360 view

Next, I will spend some time discussing the colorways. Specifically, the yellow and black Elastico and the black and green Lunargato. If you want to make a bold statement on the pitch, then the choice is obviously the Elastico. The Elastico’s color design is a Sonic Yellow with Black, along with yellow laces and Nike Swoosh symbol, speckled with black. Overall, both of the colors are made for people to recognize and remember you on the pitch. Now, the Lunargatos are a bit more complicated. The black and green fuse together to create a sweet-looking shoe. The black that covers the back half of the shoe is speckled with rainbow spots. Also, the green on the front helps the green Nike Swoosh on the back to pop a little more. Both of these shoes make a bold statement, but the Elastico is just a bit too bold for my liking.

Lunargato 360

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Finally, onto the features that are very hard to describe, the technical aspects of the shoes. The Elastico is made for a player that is mainly looking to improve the speed in their game. On the upper Nikeskin technology combines speed and touch with support and breathability to create Nike’s lightest indoor shoes yet. Once you feel these you will notice how your touch can be improved. The midsole creates a low to the ground feel so you will seem like you are walking barefoot. However, this does so at a consequence of comfort. The Lunargatos are made more for the aspect of durability and comfort. The upper on these boots is a premium goat leather vamp mixed with medial quarter for soft fir, comfort, and ball feel. You may get the same feel as the Elastico but it’s not like you’re wearing working boots. The midsole on these babies has premium Lunarlon cushioning that helps absorb energy on impact and returns it efficiently to the footballer. However, this does make the boot a tad bit heavier.

The choice is yours. Do you like boots that aid more with speed and ball feel, or shoes that focus on comfort and durability? With either of these shoes you can’t go wrong. The best you can do is make an educated guess and I hope I helped with that.


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