Nike Magista ACC

Wouldn’t it be great if we had boots that performed at the same level in every type of weather? … What’s that? The Crazy Nike Scientists have done it? And it works? No marketing gimmicks?

Pretty hard to believe, but that is exactly what the folks out in Oregon at Nike have done. The goal of All Conditions Control (ACC) is to create the same level of friction put on the ball in any circumstance, wet or dry. It is worth noting that in England the Premier League season will average 125 days with rainfall, so it makes sense that Nike would work with some of the top footballers in the world to deliver a product that can perform in the rain and wet conditions. Their ACC technology is forged through a treatment process during the creation of the shoe, so you don’t have to worry about it “rubbing off” or anything like that. It is also important to reveal that this ACC technology is only offered on the brand’s high-end boots.

Now, these boots are not going to be waterproof. Some people have a misinterpretation that the boots are going to keep your feet dry if submerged, which is not the case. The technology is designed to be water resistant and give the wearer consistent touch and control on the ball for wet and dry conditions. The shoes are going to be resistant to water, but don’t go puddle jumping expecting to come out dry.

Nike can be pretty secretive about their boot technology, which is understandable as competitors like adidas are looking to close any advantage gap that Nike may have. So we are not even sure what we are putting on our feet, but we know Nike isn’t about to let us know any time soon. What we do know however is that the new technology creates an almost slick appearance that stands up to scuffs better than some of the lower tier models.

The question I can already hear you asking is “Well, does it work?” Since this technology has been introduced in 2012, we have seen multiple sources produce reviews on these boots. The overwhelming consensus is that it works, but not to the hyped level that Nike advertised. Certainly the first of its kind, ACC is here to stay. We are very excited to see if Nike can continue to improve the technology as they strive for boot perfection.


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