As with any indoor shoe, it is tough to determine what you are comparing it to.  Since some people wear normal tennis shoes, you could compare them to that.  Or, since a select few are also kitted out with indoor soccer shoes, you may just compare your indoor shoe to those.  But, with the Elastico Finale II, the indoor shoes and normal tennis shoes will all seem shoddy in comparison.  With the addition of Nike’s new synthetic (NikeSkin) and an upgrade over the original Elastico, this indoor shoe has quickly become my favorite indoor boot of all time!

The Look:  The Elastico Finale II is the brightest of the 24/7 collection and it will certainly have divided opinions on the look of the shoe.  However, for me, the boot is fantastic looking.  Tacky enough and flashy enough to have everyone looking at your feet, this is not the type of shoe that you would wear if you do not want to draw attention to yourself.  The Nike Swoosh has a leopard-print style to it that adds to the over-the-top colorway and the bright pop-sickle colors that Nike have slapped on the released Finale II’s are all fantastic.  The only negative aspect here is that the bright colors will get dirty quickly in a dusty gym or if used with certain types of turf.  However, the NikeSkin seems to allow for easy cleaning as my pair are still as bright as the day they arrived on my doorstep.

The Touch:  Although the HyperVenom will take most of the NikeSkin headlines, the Elastico was Nike’s first product to have the revolutionary synthetic used for the entirety of the shoe.  Because of the thin nature of the synthetic, the touch is unbelievable.  Also, since no one can shove a pair of studs down on your toe in indoor soccer, the thinness of the shoe will not become a negative aspect at any time.  If you like performing quick flicks or feeling every pass and shot completely and with an almost barefoot feel, this shoe provides that to the max!  The NikeSkin will make sure that you get the truest possible interaction with the ball and will help you take your indoor game to the next level.

The Feel:  Although there is very little padding involved with the Finale II, the comfort and feel happen to be amazing!  Although it is meant to be used for competitive indoor, this shoe can easily be used to add some wacky pizzazz to your everyday outfit.  The shoe is also one of the lightest indoor shoes ever created, meaning that you finally have a shoe with comfort and a lightweight construction!  The NikeSkin is also extremely breathable as a material, meaning that your foot will not get overheated or uncomfortable whether playing inside on a gym floor or outside on a hard surface.

The Verdict:  With the 24/7 collection, I personally thought that Nike could not do any better than the super comfortable Lunar Gato II.  However, the Finale II has quickly become my favorite indoor shoe of all time!  I never leave the house without a pair in the backseat just in case I stumble into a game.  If your game takes place on indoor type surface, the only bad decision to make regarding the Finale II would be NOT getting a pair!  Head on over to and take your short-sided game to the next level with the Finale II today!fc247-ad-640x50

5 / 5 stars