Nike Floodlights Pack

As the evenings get cooler and the sun goes down a bit earlier, it’s time to start migrating towards fields that can combat the early onset of darkness. Nike has decided to go ahead and light up the pitch on their own with their newest release: the Floodlights Pack. Unlike the Elite Pack and the Pitch Dark Pack, these boots are going to be a standard release that will be dominating European pitches for the next several months. Bringing an end to the long-running Spark Brilliance that has been standing since Euro 2016, these are a welcome addition to the Nike soccer shoes pantheon.

Although Nike was unable to go an entire release pack without using a small bit of Volt (Swoosh on the Magista), these colors feel fairly original for Nike. The Mercurial SuperFly might not fit everyone’s sensibilities, but the purple will really look smooth after the lights come on. Not nearly as flashy as we would expect for Nike’s flagship boot, but there’s definitely something royally fantastic about this boot…Julius Caesar would approve! If you’re looking for FlyKnit speed/touch perfection or the best Vapor boot in years, then we’ve got what you’re looking for in the Mercurial series.

Nike Mercurial Superfly V Floodlights Pack

Turning over to the Magista and we see that Nike is sticking with the “heat map” design, but not in such a dramatic fashion as with the launch colorway. A deep turquoise runs across 95% of the boot, becoming lighter in some spots and darker in others to accommodate the design for the Magista. We are really anxious to see if Nike stick with this design, and how it will look with future colorways. Our current favorite Nike (or, for that matter, almost any other brand) boot that we’ve tested in a long time, it’s going to be a while before these leave our boot bag. As we mentioned, Nike just couldn’t resist adding some Volt, and we see it on the side of the Magista…maybe next time…

Nike Magista Obra II Floodlights Pack

The Tiempo VI might actually be the brightest boot of the bunch! Although the Swoosh is grey, the outline of the Swoosh and soleplate/back half of the boot are a bright, neon green! The upper is built from a color that we would almost describe as a dark lavender, but it all combines for a very slick overall package. It’s a bit surprising to see the “heritage” boot showcasing the brightest color, but it’s always nice to let the Tiempo get a little bit crazy. Want your heels to glow while being caressed by kangaroo leather? This is your stop.

Nike Tiempo Legend VI Floodlights Pack

Last, but certainly not least, is the new Nike HyperVenom II. While the Superfly and Tiempo feel like something Nike could pull off in their sleep, the Magista and Hypervenom showcase the flexibility that companies now have with boot uppers. The newest Venom has a fade design that starts at the top of the collar (orange) and fades all the way to the toe (dark purple). It’s a showstopping design that we can’t wait to actually see in action, and it’s certainly our pick of the bunch. If you have used the early Venom II boots or haven’t yet given the redesigned upper a chance, let us push away your fears. The return to something similar to the original Phantom’s upper and the addition of the Phantom II’s tech has given birth to a brilliant boot. We only just started wearing the updated version, but it has quickly won us over!

Nike Hypervenom Phantom II Floodlights Pack

If your game doesn’t stop when the sun goes down, it’s time to bring home the Swoosh. It’s odd to see Nike release a pack that feels, for their brand, to be rather reserved without going full blackout! While we shed a tear every year when they don’t re-release the Hi-Vis pack, we’ll definitely see our sadness cut short with these boots. There’s a reason Nike currently sits atop the pile…they don’t fade when the lights come on.


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