Nike Hypervenom Phantom Transform

With the first generation Hypervenom Phantom down to its last few days, Nike decided to release a limited edition boot. The Nike Hypervenom Transform features a design that is heat-activated — the upper changes to a reddish/orange color that appears to show a scaly pattern on the upper. The really cool part of this cleat is that it will go back to its normal black upper when the player removes his feet from the boots. Thus, giving the name Transform to the boot.

When these are not on your feet, they resemble the Academy Pack colorway that Nike unveiled a short while ago. The limited edition cleat is only numbered to 560 pairs worldwide so if you have one, this writer is extremely jealous. The heat applied from running and playing soccer really activates the transformation and looks almost like a completely different shoe in the heat of battle.

Hypervenom black Transform Hypervenom Phantom Transform orange/black

With the amazing release, it also carries some bad news as well. This is unfortunately the last Hypervenom we will get with this first generation lineup. The boot has been a big hit and has several high profile players sporting the silo every week including Neymar and Robert Lewandowski. The Phantom featured several personalized designs for Neymar with his World Cup gold boots and the most recent Liquid Diamond colorway. We here at The Instep will be sad to see the first generation go, but with the Hypervenom II just on the horizon, we can’t be too sad. What do you think of the Hypervenom Transform? I’ll tell you what I think of them, they’re pretty stinking cool.


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