Released alongside the revamped Tiempo Legend V, Nike also showed off a classic-looking everyday lifestyle shoe: The Nike Tiempo 94. The shoe is a callback to the introduction of the debut Nike Tiempo cleat at the World Cup in (you guessed it) 1994. Twenty years later, the off-pitch debut of the Tiempo has has been designed to look as vintage as possible. Nike is not in futuristic, trend-setting mode here, but throwback, honor-the-past mode. With players old enough to actually remember the ’94 World Cup (33-year-olds Ashley Cole and Ronaldinho) representing the Tiempo line, this is a shrewd move from the Swoosh.

Corporate marketing aside, the actual shoe is remarkably comfortable, which is obviously essential if you’re going to wear it around all day. Both colors, Dark Base Grey and Gym Red with Light Crimson, possess a suede upper. The exposed flex grooves on the sole allow for natural motion when you’re walking around in these and increase the comfort level past your typical street shoes. Additionally, a premium gum cup sole is fitted with an orange-colored Phylon midsole. What the heck does that mean? It just means your foot is going to be enjoying some extra lightweight cushioning.


So, what if somehow you’re not a fan of that oversized tongue? Most people think it gives soccer cleats or shoes a classic, timeless aesthetic, but whatever. Well, with the Tiempo 94 you can remove it for an alternate look. This will allow you to change up the appearance of the shoe, which is subtly important if you are going to be wearing it everyday.


The Dark Base Grey color is, of course, mostly dark grey, but the orange-tinted sole adds a bright pop of color that livens it up just the right amount. You can probably tell from the other colorway title that the Gym Red with Light Crimson pair is very red. Even the Nike Swoosh is a lighter shade of crimson (I would have gone with black or white, but I don’t work for Nike), so I hope red is one of your favorite colors if you’re going to purchase a pair. I think the dark grey pair plays more into the stylishly retro look Nike is attempting at here, but you’re welcome to disagree.



As Nike continues to be world-beating trendsetters, this pace-changing throwback release sets them up as a sustained leader of soccer lifestyle gear. This is especially important just months from a World Cup, when soccer fashion will become a worldwide focal point yet again.

Nike Tiempo 94


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