Standing out on the pitch with Hi Vis boots? That is so 2013. There is more than one way of making sure you have the boots that let you be seen on the pitch, and the all new Nike Reflective Pack shows off visual technology that has really only hit the football boot world in the past two months or so. The new Nike Reflective pack is being launched alongside the all new Nike Tiempo Legend V, there is no denying the ‘wow’ factor that these boots carry with their punchy exterior…

Reflective pack group photo

Okay, so maybe Nike was not really the first brand to introduce reflective material to their boots, but there is no denying that the wild design of the Nike Reflective pack is just that little bit cooler than the adidas Enlightened pack that we saw rolled out in late October. While adidas simply coated the three adidas stripes and shoelaces, Nike have opted to implement it on the back of the boot, with each of the 4 silos featuring their own reflective pattern.

Reflective pack group photo heel angle

Before we go on, we might need to touch on what reflective exposure technology actually is. Certain areas of the boot contain reflective technology, which is similar to the reflective material used on bikes and running clothes so cyclists and runners can be seen when a car’s lights flash onto them.

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So with the Reflective pack, the boot may look like a classy, low profile boot in normal lighting conditions. But under floodlights or the flash of a camera, the areas of the boot with this material lights up compared to areas that does not have any reflective technology, which takes ‘flashy’ football boots to the next level! Don’t believe us? Check out our imagery and lowdown of each of the boots making up the Reflective pack.

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Mercurial Vapor IX

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Is your game all about high speed, acceleration and technique? The Vapor IX is for the player who is the attacking dynamo who brings the special spark to the game. Everything about the Vapor IX has been engineered with speed in mind, starting with the lightweight Teijin leather grain synthetic upper, with ACC (All Conditions Control) weaved in so you know you are assured of only the best control of the ball no matter what the weather conditions are.

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Throw in a soleplate just made for traction and acceleration plus a highly responsive sole that follows the natural shape of the foot, the Vapor will get you to the ball first, and the Teijin upper and ACC will ensure it will maximise what you do with the ball. But of course, you will want to make sure you look good while you do all of that, and the tribal-like pattern running around the heel of the Vapor perhaps sums up what the Mercurial series is all about: bold, a touch of aggressive, but always easy on the eye.

Nike Hypervenom Phantom

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It may have been launched 6 months ago, but the Hypervenom Phantom has hit the market with a bang that Nike designers could not have imagined in their wildest dreams prior to the launch of the boot. Strikers today need a boot that could help them create space quickly in and around the penalty area, and get their shot off from any angle, with today’s defenders being as quick and as agile as the best strikers on the planet. The Hypervenom is not just about agility, but also for the best possible strike once you get the shot away.

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The Hypervenom features the revolutionary Nikeskin, a soft, supple mesh bound with a thin polyurethane film, and is finished off with ACC for exquisite foot-to-ball feel. Agility is enhanced with Nike’s new anatomical fit, which puts the foot closer to the ground to ensure forward’s can make that crucial first step away from the defender first, with traction built for a quick penetration and release from the surface. While the Hypervenom has come out with some ‘out of the box’ colourways since the launch of the boot, this is the first predominantly white colourway we have seen, something that will surely be lapped up by boot fanatics around the world.

Nike CTR360 Maestri III

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It is hard to believe that the CTR360 Maestri III is now the most outdated boot currently sold by Nike, it feels like only yesterday that the Yellow/Black CTR360 Maestri III started hitting football pitches around the world. But the popularity of the CTR360 Maestri III can never be denied, and we can see parallels being drawn between the Reflective Pack CTR and the EURO 2012 ‘Clash’ edition of the CTR with the splashes of blue used on the sole.

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Made for the controlling midfielder, the CTR360 Maestri III helps you dictate the play with innovation built within the boot all about enhancing control and playing that killer pass to break open the defence. An assured touch for the ball is provided with Kanga-Lite, considered to be the premium synthetic material by many in the boot world, and ACC for only the best ball control. When you are ready to play that game changing pass, the 3D control pad on the instep maximises contact with the ball to allow for more accurate passing. The CTR360 is the weapon of choice for a long list of stars, and we cannot help but love the calm and collected look of the Reflective CTR360 Maestri III.

Nike Tiempo Legend V

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You can never discount a classic boot, the reliable leather boot that does exactly as it says on the tin with no surprises. That is what the Tiempo Legend V is all about, and fresh from a facelift, Nike have shoved a classy colour combination onto the Legend V that certainly oozes class. But like the other Reflective pack boots, the flash of a camera exposes the sharp pattern on the heel of the boot to give a different edge to a classic colourway.

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If you want leather, the Tiempo Legend V gives you a whole forefoot of it, with the upper being decked out with a quilted Kangaroo leather and finished off with Nike signature ACC technology. The instep features Nike’s new Hypershield technology, which ensures a longer lasting snug fit by keeping moisture out of the boot. The boot also employs anatomical fit as the Hypervenom to give a feeling of closeness between the foot and the ground. Factor in the soleplate made for traction and comfort, and you have a boot that is reliable for anyone on the park.

The FG versions of the Reflective pack of boots are available today from SoccerPro, but what do you think of the Reflective pack? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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