If you haven’t been following any indoor boot news lately, just know that significant changes are afoot. Nike has dropped the curtain on NikeFootballX, which will feature indoor and turf “remixes” of their Mercurial Superfly and Magista Obra, aptly titled MercurialX and MagistaX. While those don’t actually release until April 1st, Nike’s Elastico Superfly has been around since last September. All of these indoor shoes have Nike’s Dynamic Fit Collar on them and reside around the $150 neighborhood. Is there real estate for something more affordable?

There is. It’s been around for quite awhile, hiding in plain sight. Perhaps you need to be reintroduced to the Nike Lunargato II? That’s okay, its feelings aren’t hurt.

With a history of stylish color updates and a proven performance record, it’s a little surprising the Lunargato has been perpetually overlooked. This thing is just as fashionable as it’s ever been. The two most recent colorways, a gleaming white/orange and the arresting black/white, each bring their own advantages to the forefront. Where the black provides fierce, mysterious intimidation, the white and orange makes for a standout color combination.

White and black Nike Lunargatos

Since every indoor shoe seems to be getting a collar these days, the Lunargato now stands for something Nike probably didn’t intend: old-fashioned quality leather boots. If you’ve had issues with blisters from the collar or would just rather not have a sock-attachment, the Lunargato could be a logical route.

This being a leather shoe, it’s important to double-check to ensure you’re not getting cheap leather that won’t hold up. No problem here. Premium goat leather covers the forefoot with some gorgeous stitching. This leather gives you that oh-so-soft touch on the ball — in addition to being remarkably comfortable on the foot. Also boosting this comfort is the Lunarlon midsole, which, if you’ve ever had Lunarlon in your shoes, you know about because of its excellent bounce and responsiveness. Finally, the rubber outsole on the bottom harbors excellent tread to grip some of the slicker surfaces you might be playing on.

However, even if you’re not playing indoor soccer, quite possibly the best thing about the Lunargato is that you don’t need to be. Not only is it about $50 cheaper than other high-end indoor shoes, but it also functions as a spectacular street shoe. With its snug leather fit, Lunarlon base, and excellent color choices, the Lunargato lends you everyday comfort and stylishness while you go about your life. No matter how you decide to use them, there is hope in the less-expensive indoor shoe neighborhood.


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