Nike Magista side view

With the absolute tsunami of new products that we have gotten in the build-up to the World Cup, the testing schedule has gotten a bit backed up. As of this moment, the boot testers here at The Instep are in the midst of testing almost 5 different boots. Because of that, and because of our desire to knock out a large chunk of this stuff as quickly as possible so that our readers are as knowledgeable as possible. So, without further ado, our first impressions of both new boots that Nike have released with the all the latest bells and whistles: the Magista Obra and Mercurial Superfly IV.

Keep an eye out for Jordon’s review of the Obra in the next few weeks and my review of the Superfly as well, but until then, here is what we have learned with the boots.

First, the fit. For both of these boots, the fit is absolutely amazing. The Flyknit material completely molds to your foot the second that you slip it into the boot, and the boot only improves in comfort as you break it in. In terms of sizing, the Obra is completely easy to suggest that you go true-to-size. The Superfly, despite being more narrow throughout the boot, is a bit trickier. Some have been able to enjoy the boot by staying true-to-size, whereas I had to go down a half size to fit properly into the boot. While we typically strive to make it where you can order a boot without worry, the Superfly practically demands that you should try it on before buying.

Mercurial Superfly back

Magista Obra overhead

For anyone scared of the ankle-collar, the overall feel should not scare anybody away. It is a completely different sensation, but not one that will negatively change how you play the game. If anything, it is the type of addition that you will actually grow to enjoy. Another big fear is putting the boot on and off, but once you figure out the way that works best for you, it becomes relatively simple. As far as cleaning goes, everyone worried about that has never had to do the dishes with anything other than a dishwasher…a rag and some soap/water will fix any issues arising from being dirty.

While the review may be slightly different, our short time with these boots already has me singing their praises from the rooftops. A few more weeks will be put in with the boots to check the durability and a few other aspects that we are curious about, but there is no way that an opportunity to snag one of these boots for yourself should be overlooked. Nike have definitely changed the game…the only question is whether the world (or even Nike) embrace it for the future. After wearing the Obra and SuperFly for a bit, I certainly hope that they do.

Superfly 360 view

Click for a 360 view


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