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The comfort of the Magista Opus is fantastic in my opinion. The Kanga-lite synthetic upper really molds to your foot extremely well after only a few times in the boot. The material is very soft and is a very unique combination of two materials on the upper. The areas that are Volt in color on the upper are Kanga-lite. Kanga-lite is used to mimic the effect of Kangaroo leather while giving all of the benefits of a synthetic. The Kanga-lite material gives a sturdy upper that doesn’t tear or rip easily. The material is thin enough that you feel very close to the ball while also feeling that your foot is protected more than that of the Vapor.

The other material used is what Nike are calling Performance Mesh. The Hyper Punch and black cut outs on the Kanga-lite are made of this very smooth mesh material.  The soft material completely molded to my foot within the first 2-3 hours of playtime. The fit of the shoe is somewhat narrow compared to other boots but it is not too narrow that it would make it uncomfortable. . The boot fits very similar to the CTR360 Maestri line in which I personally found comfortable.

Magista Opus side view

Magista Opus side view alternative

The soleplate on the Opus is listed on retail sites as being made of Compressed Nylon and Pebax. After looking at it closer and being able to play in the boot, it seems more of a TPU plastic sole plate. The soleplate is very flexible right out of the box and resembles a lot of TPU plastic soleplates I have experienced in past reviews. The heel liner is made of a perforated synthetic material like you find on the Tiempo Legend V line. The stud pattern is exactly like the Tiempo Legend V except the four studs in the heel are conical and not bladed.

The insole is completely removable and is Hyper Punch on top and made of a yellow foam material like you found on the CTR360 line. The insole is extremely narrow in the mid-foot which is very strange because boot is not that thin in the mid-foot area, so do not be afraid when you see how narrow the insole is because the boot is not that narrow.  If you have excessively wide feet I would stay away from this boot. An overlooked aspect of the boot is that the tongue is connected on the inside of your foot. I personally did not like it at first but after playing in the boot a few more times I started to appreciate it.  It really helps lock your foot in place when you are playing and making tight cuts.

Overall Comfort: 9.0/10


Thibaut Courtois Athletico Madrid Magista Opus edited

The Magista Opus is an absolutely incredible boot. The boot reminds me a lot of the CTR360 line and it could have been the next high end in the Maestri line. The material is extremely soft and flexible straight out of the box. The boot really forms to the shape of your foot even within a few hours of playing. The laces are a little off center and run down the instep a little bit, which takes away from your strike zone slightly. I honestly did not mind this feature and had no trouble striking the ball.

The feel for the ball is incredible. My foot felt very close to the ball and gave me a great first touch and made dribbling feel very easy and natural. The one-piece soleplate helps give a closer feel to the ground and helps make quick cuts and movements.

Magista Opus outsole

The stud pattern is the exact same as the Tiempo line except for the four studs in the heel are now conical. The stud pattern used on the Opus helps with comfort of the boot especially with the stud pressure on the bottom of feet. I was able to play with the firm ground stud pattern in both sunny and warm conditions, as well as rainy and muddy conditions. The boot performed extremely well in both, and even in the mud I was able to get good traction. I was able to clean my boots after using them and it surprised me how well the cleaned up even with all of the mud on it. I would highly recommend this boot to anyone is debating whether to give it a shot.

Overall Performance: 10/10

Bang For Your Buck

The starting price for the Nike Magista Opus is $200 dollars. The price tag is a very high but I believe the boot is completely worth it. The feel and performance of the Opus makes it a great boot at any price in my opinion. Although the price tag is a bit high, the Magista Opus is more than worth it. The material is strong and very flexible and honestly very light at the same time and does not tear even after playing in many different types of conditions.

Overall Bang for your Buck: 8.0/10


Magista Opus overhead

The look of the new Magista line looks great in my opinion. The launch color way is the only color way available at the moment. The boot is made up a few different colors. The main color used throughout the boot is Volt (more of a very bright yellow). In the performance mesh cutouts you find the new Hyper Punch color that you find on the new Mercurial and Hypervenom lineups released for the World Cup.  The Hyper Punch color is found on the outside of your foot and fades into a black on the instep of your foot. I honestly love the look of the boot and I personally cannot wait for future color way releases.

Overall Aesthetic: 9.0/10


My personal overall take on the shoe was 9.0/10. The boot was one that I had wanted to try out since the release and after being able to play in the Opus I have to say it left me extremely impressed. The size and fit was great but very tight in the mid-foot, but overall it felt extremely comfortable on my foot and really there is nothing to complain about. I now wear a size 12 US and the boot ran true to size and fit me well all over of my foot.

4.5 / 5 stars     

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